Sand Dunes 2012

Back in June we went on our yearly trip to the Sand Dunes.  Normally we go in August, but we really wanted some water in the creek (we had none last year) and the snow on the mountains was low.  I was 19 Weeks pregnant, but I’d been camping at the Dunes when I was further along with Isaac, so I wasn’t worried about it.

We left early in the morning, so we’d arrive around noon.  I drove the whole four hours, but by the time we arrived my head was pounding.  As we tried to setup the tent, we we met with a grumpy little boy who wanted nothing to do with dirt and screamed and tried to kill any bug that was in a 10 foot area around him.  It was stressful, but we made it.

We walked down to the creek, about 1/2 mile and found a good spot to play in the water.  Our grumpy boy was now happy and playing in the sand.  We had a great time, until Isaac started a sand fight and took a sandball to his eye.  He didn’t freak out too bad considering he had sand in his eye, but he was getting cold (he was soaking wet and the wind was pretty good).  So we did what any good parent would do…we undressed him to his boxers, held him close and played in the dry sand (while trying not to get it in our eyes).  After a while I was concerned he was going to sunburn, so we started our hike back to the campsite.  We passed several groups of people on their way out to the Dunes with our half dressed kid and after a bit his shirt was dry so we put that on and it wasn’t so obvious that he wasn’t fully dressed.

Once we got back to the campsite we made dinner as Isaac asked constantly to just go to bed in the tent.  We were actually cooking in the light (that never happens for us) and we were done with marshmallows before the stars came out.  Isaac wasn’t too happy about anything…he got marshmallows on him at and that caused tears and he insisted on walking up to the bathrooms and using the pump to get it off.  I still wasn’t feeling well and so we decided to go to bed early.

The night was no good.  I woke about every 20-30 minutes and had to pee.  And then my headache would keep me awake (it was KILLER).  When I woke, Isaac would wake and cry and move around the tent trying to get comfortable, complaining his legs/feet hurt.  Needless to say, when it was morning, I announced to Zach I was ready to go home.  We decided to drive into town (to get coffee and meds), do some geocaching and see how we were feeling.  We had a great day and even played in the creek some more, but in the end we decided having dinner over the fire and sleeping their wasn’t worth it if it was going to be anything like the day before, so we packed up and headed home late in the evening.

We got home around midnight and the sheets I’d put in the washer so Cody could use our bed, our only sheets, were still wet and smelly, so I had to rewash them and dry them.  I wasn’t a happy camper…I was on day two of a really bad headache and I was exhausted.

After this trip Zach was very leery of taking his pregnant wife and three year old camping, as all we did was make it miserable for him.  But we did get some pretty amazing photos. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sand Dunes 2012

  1. Awe, what great photo’s….love the “Family Kiss” made me smile. I think when you look back on these photo’s they’ll remind you that the good part of the trip out weighs the frustrating ones. Thanks for sharing your adventure!! Nancy

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