Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

Once upon a time I was always thinking about blogging.  I posted about once a day and I was always working on my post in my head before I started writing.  Now days I just get through the day, my brain isn’t the best processor, so thinking about my posts doesn’t really happen, if I even think about my blog at all.

Today I feel like writing, but I don’t know where to go with it, so I’ll apologize upfront if it’s all over the place.

I’m 33 Weeks today.  I have been told not to gain any weight.  Not because I’ve gained too much….I’m right between 20 and 25 pounds gained, but because of the blood sugar diet.  I remember several weeks ago I went in to the doctor after two weeks and I’d gained 4 pounds.  It was my highest gain in the shortest amount of time.  I think that’s when I really decided I had gestational diabetes.  Anyway, when I went in last week I was at exactly the same weight!  Two weeks – no gain.  Since I was only doing the diet for less than a week, I think we might need to make some modifications to keep me from losing weight.

I’ve been trying not to be devastated over having GD.  I realize that there is nothing I can do about it, I have it and I can only do what is best for me and baby.  I’ve been trying to focus more on this being a jump start for getting in shape after she is born.  Lots of small meals, walking everyday…it’s good and all I’ll be able to do in the first six weeks anyway.

I haven’t been doing a ton of walking, but I have been doing more than I was.  We have been trying to take a walk after a meal together as a family.   This is normally after dinner (except on the weekend) and I’ve already noticed I have more stamina.  I can walk a bit faster, a bit straighter and funny thing, the pelvic pain that has been part of the reason I don’t want to do any physical activity, has been less to non-existent.

Currently we walk about 10-20 minutes.  My goal is to make it to 30-40 minutes every day by 35 Weeks and keep it there.  The cooler evening weather has sure helped out.


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