Venting a bit

On Friday at 4PM I got a call I’d waited for all week.  I’d even tried to call to get the information several time, but was told my results weren’t in.  But 4PM right before a three-day weekend is not when you want to get the call that you have gestational diabetes.  Not when they normally diagnosis this at 28 weeks and as of today, I’m 32 weeks.

I was in tears.  Zach had had his own bad day, probably the worst he has ever had in 18 years of working with kids, and then I call him in tears and need his support and it was at a bad time.  I spent the hours between when I found out and Zach getting home reading online, trying to figure out what I can do.  When Zach arrived home, I’d devised a plan, but I needed a glucose monitor in order to achieve my plan.  So we went in search of a cheap one at Walmart.

Now, I know nothing about diabetes.  No one I’ve ever been around has had it, but Zach has been to many trainings on it.  He has had several kids in his program with it, so he has some general understanding of certain things.  Thankgoodness!  It’s nice to not be the expert and to rely on someone else for confirmation.

Anyway, back to the plan…my plan that is…test my glucose levels four times (waking up and then two hours after every meal), eat every three hours trying to find the guidelines I was able to get off-line and walk as a family at least once a day..  This required me to have to get up early this weekend and actually eat.  We normally lay around and get to a very unhealthy sugary breakfast around 10 or 11.

Anyway, for the most part my numbers were okay, but what I learned is I’m completely unfunctional when my levels are under 100 and according to everything online they want pregnant women under 120 two hours after they eat…that doesn’t leave me much room.  In fact, I have more energy the closer to 120 I am and less the closer to 100 I am.

Walking is getting harder.   I’ve been so lazy this pregnancy, they my muscles in my legs have deteriorated and I feel fatigued after just standing for a few minutes.  Plus, my belly and my pelvis start to hurt when we walk.  So, it’s a challenge, but I’m trying to get through.    It’ll be best for me in the end.

Once Baby is born I want to get back into shape, I was working on it before I got pregnant, but then I got pregnant and didn’t feel well and then we had the heat of the summer and I didn’t want to do anything.  Hopefully, having this baby as it gets cooler will help me get out there and do stuff and walking for the next seven to eight weeks will help me get a little jump start on that plan, plus it should help my body process the glucose.

I’m really worried that this diabetes has gone so long undetected, that my baby is going to be huge.  She was measuring 3 lbs a few weeks ago and that seems big and she was 47 percentile for overall, which was a hug jump from 22 just three weeks before.  Now that it’s been a few additional weeks I’m totally stressed that she is twice as big.  Thankgoodness I have an appointment on Thursday.

I spent all morning on the phone trying to get an appointment with the nutritionist.  I didn’t want to wait until they called as I’ve kinda been screwed by that and I wanted to call my insurance and make sure everything was covered.  Thankfully, but 11:30 I was able to get it all straightened out, because Zach called and his car wouldn’t start, so there was no way he was going to be able to pick Isaac up from school at noon.

I had to pick Isaac up (poor guy was the only one there) and then we went to jump Zach’s car.  He drove it to Honda since it has been doing this for a while and it’s just getting to be too much.  Something is draining the battery, we just don’t know what.  Plus he has an airbag recall and an oil change to do.   Now we’ll see how long his car has to sit there and then how much it’ll cost us.  That on-top of the thousands of dollars we owe the state in back taxes because we put our total exempted income in place of the total taxable income on the darn form back in 2009 and I’m a little stressed about money.  At least we have savings, but I hate draining savings, but I guess that’s what it’s for.

I know this post is a bit all over the place, but it’s about how my day went and where I am right now.  One last thing…can the temp just go down yet?  I keep getting temped with low 80 in the forecast later in the week, but it’s always 3-4 days out and by then it gets changed back up to the 90s!  Ugh!


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