Almost a kid-free night

In Isaac’s three years, 9 months, he has never spent a night away from Mommy and Daddy.  With the impending arrival of Baby #2, we decided we needed to try it out.  We talked to Isaac about the fact that when his sister comes Daddy and I will go to the hospital and he will need to sleep at someone else house for a night or two.  He seemed to understand and we asked him where/who he wanted to stay with.  His immediate response, “Grandpa Greg! (pause) and Grandma Cher and Muffin’s house.”

My parent’s have physical limitations, so I didn’t know how they would feel about having him for such a long period of time, but beyond that, I was quite thrilled that was his choice…it was my choice too.  I discussed it with my parents and they said they were up to it, so I asked them if we could do a trial run.

I remember once when I was a kid, I was spending the night at my grandparent’s house and for whatever reason I got freaked out and wanted to go home.  I called Mom and Dad and Dad drove the 30 minutes in the middle of the night to come and get me. I wanted us to be able to do that for Isaac is it needed to happen.

Friday night was the scheduled trial date.  Isaac was so excited, he won’t eat (or so we thought).  Mom said, “Don’t worry.  I’ll make mac and cheese.”  We weren’t too worried (except that he’d wear Mom and Dad out), until I gave him a hug and he was burning up.  He seemed otherwise fine, so we decided to leave him and see what happened.

Zach and I had three things on our list: dinner, movie, sex…a typical date, right?  After a nice dinner (that didn’t even raise my blood sugar level), we sat in the car deciding if we were going to go to the movie or have sex, because there was no way I would manage to stay awake for both – sad reality on a Friday after work at 34 weeks pregnant.  Finally we decide to go home and skip the movie.  On the way home I called to see how Isaac was doing.  Dad said he was hot and complained of a headache, but that otherwise he was fine and they were watching a movie.  I asked if they would have Isaac call to say good night before he went to bed and they agreed.

A few minutes after we arrived home, Isaac called to say good night.  It wasn’t even 9, but Dad said he was fading and he didn’t expect he’d last long.  I was surprised as 10 is generally the earliest he goes to bed, but since he seemed to be slightly under the weather, I brushed it off.

A few moments later the phone rang, this time it was Dad.  He said they gave up and we needed to come get Isaac.  Isaac had thrown up and just wanted to come home.  We rushed out the door laughing at how we’d only accomplished one thing on our list for a no-kid night, but thankful we’d decided against the movie as we’d have been watching previews at that moment.

We arrive at Mom and Dad’s to a pathetic looking boy, who was calmly watching a movie until I sat down with him.  Then he started crying and freaking out and caused himself to throw up again (thank goodness both times someone was able to get him to the sink).  Daddy wrapped him up in his blanket and calmed him down and Isaac repeatedly asked to go home as I picked up his stuff and caught up with Mom and Dad.  Turns out the kid never really ate.  He choose to eat a ton of watermelon and drink juice (which is what caused him to puke the first time) and then he followed up puking by eating a ton of Cheese-Its.  When I heard that I wasn’t too surprised he’d thrown up.

We got him in the car and decided to go to the store to get some pedialyte to help him rehydrate after throwing up twice and being so hot.  The original plan was for Zach to drop us off at home and then go to store, but Isaac was out before we were half-way.  At the store, Isaac woke up just after Zach walked in and saw the sign for Cici’s Pizza.

“Let’s go to Cici’s,” he whispered.

“They are closed buddy.”

“But there are cars there.”

So I had to explain that it was the workers cleaning up and then I told him he could go back to sleep if he wanted.  He snuggled up and went back to sleep.

At home Isaac said he was hungry, so we offered him some toast with peanut butter with his pedialyte.  He ate half a slice before I told him he needed to give it a few minutes to see if it upset his stomach.  He passed out in seconds and he didn’t wake for hours.  At this point his temp was 102.5, and according to our doctor, that is the point you give medicine, so when he did wake a few hours later, we gave him tylenol and he slept pretty well until 9AM.

On Saturday he seemed fine.  No fever, a little tired, but pretty normal.  We did some shopping for groceries and I got my hair cut while the boys wandered the farmer’s market, we went to the bookstore at Isaac’s insistence (they were headed there when I got done with my hair and Isaac was kinda stuck on it) and we shopped for groceries.

It was about naptime as we headed home, but when we got home our neighbors were out (Isaac’s best friend who is 48 years old), so we let him go say Hi, he went on an ATV ride and blew some bubbles.  I was exhausted, so I went inside to to rest while this all happened.

When I woke up an hour and a half later, Isaac and Zach were asleep on the couch next to me.  We let Isaac sleep a bit longer, since he’d missed his nap, but when we woke him up, he was not happy and he was HOT.  Back up to in the 101-102 range.

We basically ate dinner and went to bed.  Sunday continued the high temp.  We pushed liquid and tried to get him to eat, but didn’t push too much.  I’d wanted to get the trim painted (I’ve been working on it for a year) and the house clean.  Meanwhile, I was starting to feel yucky — sore throat, congestion.

Zach and I got to work on the trim while Isaac was still sleeping and then he woke up and was pretty clingy.  Isaac stuck with Zach most of the day, while I primed the trim.  They cleaned and ate and watched football.  By the time the Bronco game started I’d just finished priming everything and was so exhausted I decided to be done for the day.  Isaac took a nap with Zach, but was starting to show other symptoms – running nose and coughing, eventually becoming hoarse.

Zach took on the role of taking care of us.  Isaac dozed and stared out the window for hours.  I laid next to him and read.  At one point, Isaac woke up crying and got off the bed.  I asked him if he needed to pee and he nodded as he continued to cry.  He walked past the bathroom and into the office (still crying), I was trying to get out of the bed as quickly as possible (it’s a production!) as he seemed disoriented and was crying so much.  He stopped in front of the recycle bin and pulled down his boxers.  I finally got out of bed, and rushed him to the bathroom where he peed a ton, but I still couldn’t get him settled down.  Zach had to come to the rescue.  It was so funny, but it is also what caused me to be overly concerned about Isaac.

Isaac slept with us last night and I insisted if he still had a fever in the morning we were going to the doctor.  He did still have a fever and woke me up crying after Zach had gone to work.  It was 8:00am, so I quickly called the doctor, got straight in and was able to get a 8:15 appointment, that I might barely be able to make.

Isaac calmed down when I told him we were going to the doctor, as I rushed to get us both dress, take my sugars and get out the door.  Only to find that Zach had taken my car, which had my wallet in it.  We rushed out into the rain to get to Zach’s car and it started (it needs jumped often)!  I somehow managed to get Isaac buckled in the carseat I hate in the backseat of the two door car and we headed out.  I turned on the wipers to see and the one over the drive side just flapped.  Thankfully, it was only sprinkling and only in our neighborhood, but I don’t know why that hasn’t been fixed yet.

We arrived 10 minutes late and I had to explain I had no money for my co-payment.  Thankfully, they have a plan for that – sign a piece of paper that you’ll pay within 24 hours.

The doctor asked a bunch of questions, listened to Isaac, said he sounded fine, looked in his holes and couldn’t see beyond some wax build-up in the ear Isaac was complaining about.  So she tried to dig it out – he didn’t like that much, started screaming, which caused him to cough and allowed the doctor to immediately determine he has croup.  But I had to ask her to stop for a minute because I didn’t want him to throw-up and so she called in a nurse to do an ear wash….to which Isaac freaked out and my little lap wasn’t keeping him on very well.  They were never able to get all the wax out, but enough that the doc could see that his ear looked fine.  She did give us some steroids to help his airway swelling, but other than that he’ll just have to get over it and we can just make him as comfortable as possible — so glad we didn’t go to the ER or Urgent Care.

We got home and Isaac requested pancakes.  He ate the whole bag, drank a bit of milk, finishing up as I got to work.  He took his shoes off and I found him snuggled in my spot of the bed, under the covers fast asleep about 30 minutes later.  He slept until 1PM.  But his fever hasn’t returned since the Advil wore off, but whenever he talks, he coughs, so he has watched movie, after movie, after movie this afternoon/evening.

He’ll miss school tomorrow, but I sure hope he picks back up quickly (and that I don’t get any worse and that Zach doesn’t get it at all).  We have friends coming in from out of town this weekend and lots of fun stuff planned.


Peach Festival

After the Sand Dune Camping Failure at the beginning of the summer at only 19 Weeks pregnant, it’s hard to believe we decided to do it again at 30 weeks!  We’d made the commitment to go to the Palisade Peach Festival with our friends and their three boys (convienently they are ages 4, 2 and 8 months, so Isaac fits in perfectly) and as the drive is four hours, my cheap way to go was to camp.

As the time grew closer, Zach was more and more hesitant.  I promised him I would do everything I possibly could to feel good–drink plenty of water the entire week before, take my allergy meds, bring Tylenol and take it at the first sign of a headache and I reminded him that we were sleeping on the air mattress this time instead of the ground.

Our plan was to leave around noon…but we didn’t get out of here until about 2 or 3, so instead of Geocaching along the way as we were going to initially, we decided to drive straight through so we could get setup before the sun went down.

We were about half-way there when my friend texted me to say they were stuck on the highway just about six cars from a major accident and wouldn’t be moving for some time.  Four hours in a car with three boys was sure to be a challenge without that, I really can’t imagine.

We arrived just before sunset and setup our tent.  We were staying at a state park and we managed to have a site right next to our friend and then her parents had the site right next to them.  We ended up having all three sites on this little patch of grass.  Perfect.

Isaac was much better this time around as we unpacked.  I think the hardest part for us this time was how hard the ground was and Zach forgot to bring the mallet.  After we were done unpacking we decided to head into town for food (we didn’t bring any food for the first night as we decided it would be easier to pick something up on the way and had accidentally driven past everything before we realized it).

After getting lost in Palisade and realizing a small town means things aren’t open very late, we ventured down the highway to Grand Junction to get Burger King.  On our way back I got a call from my friend that they’d made it and were setting up.

When we arrived back at camp we attempted to help with what we could, mainly trying to keep the kids all in line – keeping track of three running boys, 4, 3, and 2 in the dark can be a challenge.  Once tents were up, we were all off to bed…it had been a long day for us all.

Thankfully, I slept wonderfully, as did Isaac and Zach.  No repeats of the Sand Dunes and we were up before the tent got hot so we (I) were in a good mood.  We got the kids together and drove into town for Peach Fest stuff – pancake breakfast, a parade we missed and Festival itself.  We were actually a bit disappointed in the actual festival…I kinda expected some fun things going on that might be peach related, but really it was just vendors trying to sell you food and other crafty-farmers market stuff.

The highlight for Isaac was probably riding the school bus.  Isaac has always wanted to ride a school bus and this was his first time.  He sat next to Liam and enjoyed his view out the window.  The highlight for me was sitting in the shady grass watching the boys play on the play ground while the dads watched and the moms talked.

We had a picnic lunch at the elementary school we’d parked at, which is where the my friend’s parent’s joined us.  After lunch we decided to do a little geocaching and visit a peach orchard, everyone else returned to camp for naps and leisure.

After looking at a map, I made a decision on a peach orchard and we headed that direction.  We were able to taste two different kinds of peaches and fell in love with the red ones and bought the very last box of them.  Then we had a nice motorized tour of the orchard – at 30 weeks pregnant with a tired three-year old, we were very excited to see the orchard while sitting.  Isaac got to “ride” all the tractors, his favorite being the orange one.

We ate a peach on the road as we did some geocaching and followed a loop around Palisade.  We saw a crazy pink mini limo with a hot tub in back and saw a bunch of beautiful country-side.  We really had a great day!

We got back to our tent just about dinner time, so we made a fire and we cooked, the boys ran and played and were just boys.  It was so wonderful to see them all just enjoying themselves.  It wasn’t without some tears, but overall it was good.

Unfortunately, a trip wouldn’t be a trip without some drama.  It was getting later (after dark) and the boys were had been moving their chairs around and being crazy.  We had been trying to get them to settle down and I told Isaac if he moved his chair again we were going to bed.  About five minutes later, he was moving his chair with his friend again, I went and picked him up and we headed to bed.  It was quite abrupt and I doubt anyone really knew what happened.  As we walked away I said good night and asked Zach if he would bring me some water – I was so thirsty!

In the tent, Isaac and I talked about what had happened and why we were going to bed.  He said he moved his chair because his friend told him to, so we had to have a long conversation about the fact that we don’t always do what our friends tell us to do, especially when Mommy and Daddy have said no.  At this point, I need to pee and I’m hoping (expecting) Zach to come with my water and give me the chance to go to the bathroom…no such luck.  Isaac asks for a story and I tell him a great one and then he tells me a story and then we laid in bed looking at the stars (we’d left the fly for the tent off as there was no chance of rain) and fell asleep for a bit.  At one point, we heard a noise and Isaac got really scared and was rushing around, but I managed to calm him down.

Over an hour after we’d first gone to bed, Zach shows up to deliver my water and check on us.  I was furious by then and a bit unreasonable.  After an argument and some silence, Zach said he was going to put stuff away and go to the bathroom and would be back.  I fell asleep mad and woke to hear laughter out at the campfire.  I looked at my phone and an hour had passed since Zach had left.  I had to pee so bad and was so mad that he didn’t come back.  I climbed out the back of our tent and paced a bit, stared at the stars and such.  Finally, about 10 minutes later, Zach comes back to the tent, realizes I’m not there and goes searching for me.  We argued some more, stood and stared at each other, had a typical fight for us….me being unreasonable and emotional and Zach not dealing well with the “unreason.”  In the end, I told him I just felt neglected and I had really needed someone to tell me I did the right thing in following through with my threat to Isaac and no one had been around.  I feel a lot of times when we are around these friends that they take priority over me and Isaac.  It’s great that Zach likes them that much as they are my people from before we got married, but I’d really like us to take the first place instead of the last when they are around.

After we’d solved the problem and gotten to a better place, I was finally able to walk the long distance to the bathroom – two and a half hours later and then we snuggled in to bed.

The next morning we work up a bit later, enjoyed breakfast of bagels and OJ, watched the boys play (they also went on a hike with my friend’s parents while we picked up the tents) and then we headed towards home.

On the drive home, after we’d stopped for lunch, I expected Isaac to fall asleep, but he was a jabberbox.  I kept dozing and I knew Zach wanted to listen to the last of the Mocking Jay, but couldn’t with Isaac awake, so after a few hours, I told Isaac to just shut his eyes for a second…he was out cold until we got home.

Even with my little tantrum, it was a good trip.  We had a great time camping and spending time with family.  Plus, we got a bunch of peaches which were soooo good, we ate a ton, canned some and made some cinnamon peach jam that is amazing.  We might not go to the peach festival again, but chances are we will go get peaches again and enjoy the western part of the state.

Not many pictures to share, as most of them include my friend and her kids…but here are a few:

Sand Dunes 2012

Back in June we went on our yearly trip to the Sand Dunes.  Normally we go in August, but we really wanted some water in the creek (we had none last year) and the snow on the mountains was low.  I was 19 Weeks pregnant, but I’d been camping at the Dunes when I was further along with Isaac, so I wasn’t worried about it.

We left early in the morning, so we’d arrive around noon.  I drove the whole four hours, but by the time we arrived my head was pounding.  As we tried to setup the tent, we we met with a grumpy little boy who wanted nothing to do with dirt and screamed and tried to kill any bug that was in a 10 foot area around him.  It was stressful, but we made it.

We walked down to the creek, about 1/2 mile and found a good spot to play in the water.  Our grumpy boy was now happy and playing in the sand.  We had a great time, until Isaac started a sand fight and took a sandball to his eye.  He didn’t freak out too bad considering he had sand in his eye, but he was getting cold (he was soaking wet and the wind was pretty good).  So we did what any good parent would do…we undressed him to his boxers, held him close and played in the dry sand (while trying not to get it in our eyes).  After a while I was concerned he was going to sunburn, so we started our hike back to the campsite.  We passed several groups of people on their way out to the Dunes with our half dressed kid and after a bit his shirt was dry so we put that on and it wasn’t so obvious that he wasn’t fully dressed.

Once we got back to the campsite we made dinner as Isaac asked constantly to just go to bed in the tent.  We were actually cooking in the light (that never happens for us) and we were done with marshmallows before the stars came out.  Isaac wasn’t too happy about anything…he got marshmallows on him at and that caused tears and he insisted on walking up to the bathrooms and using the pump to get it off.  I still wasn’t feeling well and so we decided to go to bed early.

The night was no good.  I woke about every 20-30 minutes and had to pee.  And then my headache would keep me awake (it was KILLER).  When I woke, Isaac would wake and cry and move around the tent trying to get comfortable, complaining his legs/feet hurt.  Needless to say, when it was morning, I announced to Zach I was ready to go home.  We decided to drive into town (to get coffee and meds), do some geocaching and see how we were feeling.  We had a great day and even played in the creek some more, but in the end we decided having dinner over the fire and sleeping their wasn’t worth it if it was going to be anything like the day before, so we packed up and headed home late in the evening.

We got home around midnight and the sheets I’d put in the washer so Cody could use our bed, our only sheets, were still wet and smelly, so I had to rewash them and dry them.  I wasn’t a happy camper…I was on day two of a really bad headache and I was exhausted.

After this trip Zach was very leery of taking his pregnant wife and three year old camping, as all we did was make it miserable for him.  But we did get some pretty amazing photos. 🙂

Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

Once upon a time I was always thinking about blogging.  I posted about once a day and I was always working on my post in my head before I started writing.  Now days I just get through the day, my brain isn’t the best processor, so thinking about my posts doesn’t really happen, if I even think about my blog at all.

Today I feel like writing, but I don’t know where to go with it, so I’ll apologize upfront if it’s all over the place.

I’m 33 Weeks today.  I have been told not to gain any weight.  Not because I’ve gained too much….I’m right between 20 and 25 pounds gained, but because of the blood sugar diet.  I remember several weeks ago I went in to the doctor after two weeks and I’d gained 4 pounds.  It was my highest gain in the shortest amount of time.  I think that’s when I really decided I had gestational diabetes.  Anyway, when I went in last week I was at exactly the same weight!  Two weeks – no gain.  Since I was only doing the diet for less than a week, I think we might need to make some modifications to keep me from losing weight.

I’ve been trying not to be devastated over having GD.  I realize that there is nothing I can do about it, I have it and I can only do what is best for me and baby.  I’ve been trying to focus more on this being a jump start for getting in shape after she is born.  Lots of small meals, walking everyday…it’s good and all I’ll be able to do in the first six weeks anyway.

I haven’t been doing a ton of walking, but I have been doing more than I was.  We have been trying to take a walk after a meal together as a family.   This is normally after dinner (except on the weekend) and I’ve already noticed I have more stamina.  I can walk a bit faster, a bit straighter and funny thing, the pelvic pain that has been part of the reason I don’t want to do any physical activity, has been less to non-existent.

Currently we walk about 10-20 minutes.  My goal is to make it to 30-40 minutes every day by 35 Weeks and keep it there.  The cooler evening weather has sure helped out.

Venting a bit

On Friday at 4PM I got a call I’d waited for all week.  I’d even tried to call to get the information several time, but was told my results weren’t in.  But 4PM right before a three-day weekend is not when you want to get the call that you have gestational diabetes.  Not when they normally diagnosis this at 28 weeks and as of today, I’m 32 weeks.

I was in tears.  Zach had had his own bad day, probably the worst he has ever had in 18 years of working with kids, and then I call him in tears and need his support and it was at a bad time.  I spent the hours between when I found out and Zach getting home reading online, trying to figure out what I can do.  When Zach arrived home, I’d devised a plan, but I needed a glucose monitor in order to achieve my plan.  So we went in search of a cheap one at Walmart.

Now, I know nothing about diabetes.  No one I’ve ever been around has had it, but Zach has been to many trainings on it.  He has had several kids in his program with it, so he has some general understanding of certain things.  Thankgoodness!  It’s nice to not be the expert and to rely on someone else for confirmation.

Anyway, back to the plan…my plan that is…test my glucose levels four times (waking up and then two hours after every meal), eat every three hours trying to find the guidelines I was able to get off-line and walk as a family at least once a day..  This required me to have to get up early this weekend and actually eat.  We normally lay around and get to a very unhealthy sugary breakfast around 10 or 11.

Anyway, for the most part my numbers were okay, but what I learned is I’m completely unfunctional when my levels are under 100 and according to everything online they want pregnant women under 120 two hours after they eat…that doesn’t leave me much room.  In fact, I have more energy the closer to 120 I am and less the closer to 100 I am.

Walking is getting harder.   I’ve been so lazy this pregnancy, they my muscles in my legs have deteriorated and I feel fatigued after just standing for a few minutes.  Plus, my belly and my pelvis start to hurt when we walk.  So, it’s a challenge, but I’m trying to get through.    It’ll be best for me in the end.

Once Baby is born I want to get back into shape, I was working on it before I got pregnant, but then I got pregnant and didn’t feel well and then we had the heat of the summer and I didn’t want to do anything.  Hopefully, having this baby as it gets cooler will help me get out there and do stuff and walking for the next seven to eight weeks will help me get a little jump start on that plan, plus it should help my body process the glucose.

I’m really worried that this diabetes has gone so long undetected, that my baby is going to be huge.  She was measuring 3 lbs a few weeks ago and that seems big and she was 47 percentile for overall, which was a hug jump from 22 just three weeks before.  Now that it’s been a few additional weeks I’m totally stressed that she is twice as big.  Thankgoodness I have an appointment on Thursday.

I spent all morning on the phone trying to get an appointment with the nutritionist.  I didn’t want to wait until they called as I’ve kinda been screwed by that and I wanted to call my insurance and make sure everything was covered.  Thankfully, but 11:30 I was able to get it all straightened out, because Zach called and his car wouldn’t start, so there was no way he was going to be able to pick Isaac up from school at noon.

I had to pick Isaac up (poor guy was the only one there) and then we went to jump Zach’s car.  He drove it to Honda since it has been doing this for a while and it’s just getting to be too much.  Something is draining the battery, we just don’t know what.  Plus he has an airbag recall and an oil change to do.   Now we’ll see how long his car has to sit there and then how much it’ll cost us.  That on-top of the thousands of dollars we owe the state in back taxes because we put our total exempted income in place of the total taxable income on the darn form back in 2009 and I’m a little stressed about money.  At least we have savings, but I hate draining savings, but I guess that’s what it’s for.

I know this post is a bit all over the place, but it’s about how my day went and where I am right now.  One last thing…can the temp just go down yet?  I keep getting temped with low 80 in the forecast later in the week, but it’s always 3-4 days out and by then it gets changed back up to the 90s!  Ugh!