And the tears just came

One of our favorite seasoning blend is the Garlic & Red Wine seasoning from The Melting Pot and because of a slip up I made it will forever be known as “shaky sauce” in our house. Shaky sauce is great on buttered noodles Parmesan, Pesto and eggs…these are just the top uses in our house.

We have been out of it for weeks and ever since we got some zucchini, all I’ve wanted was some butter noodles with lightly sautéed zucchini seasoned with shaky sauce. An easy request, right?

Well, The Melting Pot isn’t close or by anything we normally go, so we’d asked Zach’s mom to pick some up for us, as they are always down in that area and she did. On Thursday night we were in the generally direction of Zach’s mom, so we stopped by to pick it up. When we returned home it was in my pocket and I was too tired to walk back downstairs to put it away, so I left it on my dresser.

On Friday, I was in the office working and I had a load of new diapers in the wash. I started to smell something funny, but just attributed it to the washer, but then it got stronger and more like food. I went to investigate.

As I walked out of the office, I noticed our bedroom door was shut. Oh no! I open the door and see Isaac shaking the brand-new seasoning all over Guinness. He is practically white and there are piles of seasoning all over the carpet. I took the seasoning away, told Isaac to go sit on his bed, worked to get Guinness to lay down, sat on the bed and called Zach.

“I need you to come home right now before I completely lose it.” As I relay the reasoning, I burst into tears. The entire 8oz bottle is gone and so are my much longed for dinner plans.

As I sat in the bed crying, waiting for Zach, Isaac came in to apologize and started crying because I was crying. We had a conversation about how he knew it was wrong and how he opened the factory sealing. By the time Zach arrived, things were a little calmer, but I still had my mad face on. I had to keep the digs from moving and tracking seasoning beyond my bedroom.

Zach was no happier than I, but he didn’t cry like the rest of us. We wrangler the dogs down the hall and into the bathroom, where I quickly cut their nails and the Zach bathed them. I vacuumed the hall and our bedroom and dusted it all with baking soda. The garlic smell was still unrelenting.

I don’t suppose I would have cried had I not had so much hope for the shaky sauce, been 30 weeks pregnant and had similar things not happened earlier in the week, but I’ll save that story for another day.


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