And the tears just came

One of our favorite seasoning blend is the Garlic & Red Wine seasoning from The Melting Pot and because of a slip up I made it will forever be known as “shaky sauce” in our house. Shaky sauce is great on buttered noodles Parmesan, Pesto and eggs…these are just the top uses in our house.

We have been out of it for weeks and ever since we got some zucchini, all I’ve wanted was some butter noodles with lightly sautéed zucchini seasoned with shaky sauce. An easy request, right?

Well, The Melting Pot isn’t close or by anything we normally go, so we’d asked Zach’s mom to pick some up for us, as they are always down in that area and she did. On Thursday night we were in the generally direction of Zach’s mom, so we stopped by to pick it up. When we returned home it was in my pocket and I was too tired to walk back downstairs to put it away, so I left it on my dresser.

On Friday, I was in the office working and I had a load of new diapers in the wash. I started to smell something funny, but just attributed it to the washer, but then it got stronger and more like food. I went to investigate.

As I walked out of the office, I noticed our bedroom door was shut. Oh no! I open the door and see Isaac shaking the brand-new seasoning all over Guinness. He is practically white and there are piles of seasoning all over the carpet. I took the seasoning away, told Isaac to go sit on his bed, worked to get Guinness to lay down, sat on the bed and called Zach.

“I need you to come home right now before I completely lose it.” As I relay the reasoning, I burst into tears. The entire 8oz bottle is gone and so are my much longed for dinner plans.

As I sat in the bed crying, waiting for Zach, Isaac came in to apologize and started crying because I was crying. We had a conversation about how he knew it was wrong and how he opened the factory sealing. By the time Zach arrived, things were a little calmer, but I still had my mad face on. I had to keep the digs from moving and tracking seasoning beyond my bedroom.

Zach was no happier than I, but he didn’t cry like the rest of us. We wrangler the dogs down the hall and into the bathroom, where I quickly cut their nails and the Zach bathed them. I vacuumed the hall and our bedroom and dusted it all with baking soda. The garlic smell was still unrelenting.

I don’t suppose I would have cried had I not had so much hope for the shaky sauce, been 30 weeks pregnant and had similar things not happened earlier in the week, but I’ll save that story for another day.


A Whirlwind of a Weekend

**I started this a few weeks back…**

After learning of the events on Friday morning (July 21, see previous post), we had to change our focus.  Zach’s dear friend, Russ, was getting married and the weekend was jam-packed with activities.

Russ and Zach met in middle school, although I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Russ until the week of our wedding when the guys took me out for pool and drinks.  At the time Russ lived in Chicago, and while I’d heard lots about him, he was really just this mythical creature.  A few years after our wedding, Russ moved back to Colorado and quickly became part of our inner circle.  I appreciate how a no is no and a yes is yes and there is never any muddy ground with him.

A little over two years ago, Russ brought a girl over to meet us.  She was wonderful and absolutely perfect for Russ.  After they left that night, I told Zach that they would be engaged within a year.  I was only off a couple of months and here we are a year later attending the wedding.

Russ asked Zach if he would be one of the groomsmen, which he of course, was honored to be.  And that’s what took this from a wedding in Boulder that we were attending to a wedding weekend.

On Friday, Zach got off work early and we headed up to Boulder.  We gave ourselves about 2 hours, even though it is really only a 45-50 minute trip.  I worked in the car, as billing cutoff is coming and I needed the quiet time and Isaac dozed a bit after not taking a nap.

We arrived about 30 minutes early, before anyone.  We met Julia’s brother and his family and then Isaac decided he was greeter.  We were standing in the shade as it was soooo hot (even at 4:30).  Anyone who walked in our direction, Isaac would run over to, give them a high-five and then ask them to come stand in the shade with us.  It was too funny and it was all Julia’s family who Isaac didn’t know.  Then Russ’ family showed up, who Isaac has met before, and he got all shy and was hiding behind us.  Weird kid!

During the rehearsal, as everyone was walking down the aisle, Isaac decided he needed to join the procession.  And then later, when they were standing in formation, Isaac wanted to know the “girl in the white dress'” name.  Laura is Russ’ little sister and Isaac is smitten with her.  He held her hand for a moment and then ran to Zach.  He stood next to Zach holding hands and reaching his other hand out to the guy next to Zach until he took it.  He was just part of the party.  I made sure the next day to explain to Isaac what was going to happen and where he was going to be so we didn’t have any fits in the middle of the ceremony.

The rehearsal dinner was at a little park that had a river running through it.  We were a little early and were walking to the river.  Isaac was running and I yelled at him to stop because I didn’t want him to get too close without us.  Isaac is amazing for a kid and will stop dead in his tracks when he hears you yell stop and this time was no exception.  He stopped dead, right next to a big family of Mexican’s sitting on a blanket eating watermelon.  They were so nice and offered him some and he gave his famous “sure” response and a woman got up to go to the table to cut him some.  We had to tell her he was fine and didn’t need any and then had to explain to Isaac that they were strangers and while some strangers are nice we don’t just go taking things from them.  I’m still unsure of how to get the world’s most outgoing three year old to understand strangers.

After playing in the water a bit the wedding stuff started happening and we were lucky to be setup right next to a playground.  Within 30 minutes or so, the playground was only being used by kids in the wedding and Isaac got to know all of them and was playing hide and seek (his favorite game), chase and climbing.  One of the older kids decided to run under the swings timing it just right and Isaac decided to follow but was unaware of the swinger.  The first time he made it threw, but on his way back, he was taken down with legs around his head.  He immediate jumped up to look for us and was hit again by the kid going the other way.

Poor Isaac was all scratched up (and ended up with a few bruises), had a blood lip and mouth full of woodchips–yuck!  He was most bothered by the woodchips, so we got him to sip a couple of times as all the kids crowded around us to see if he was okay and tell him he was brave.  It was really sweet.  In a matter of five minutes or less, Isaac was back to playing with all the kids and wasn’t too happy when we told him we had to go home.

The next day was wedding day.  Before we dropped Zach off, I insisted we get PitaPit.  We love PitaPit and this is actually the closest one to our house.  Since it is so far away, we never go and this was the perfect excuse to pick some up.  We also got some for the groom and his men, as men aren’t big planners and just had some beer leftover from the rehearsal dinner.

Zach needed to arrive early (four hours), get dressed with the men and be around for photos.  Isaac and I, well, parking is bad and it’s an hour away away from home, but it was at this huge park with trees and grass and play things and cottages, so we figured we’d just hang out on the 90 degree day.

Somehow we managed the four hours just fine.

  • We spent sometime eating lunch at a picnic table under a tree.
  • We wandered the grounds and taking photos of flowers, orange tour buses (Isaac was so excited), red trucks and ourselves.
  • Isaac played on the playground while I did my makeup.
  • We spread a blanket under a tree and drank cold juice and rested and watched the wedding party take photos.

We arrived at the ceremony site about 20 minutes early and hung out in the shade as more and more people arrived.  They asked us to start sitting at 10 minutes till, so Isaac and I were the first ones to sit-on the chairs, in the sun…oh my, it was so hot.  No sooner than we’d sat down and Isaac had to pee.  I pointed to a bush across the field and told him to run over there and pee.  So he did…and then ran back.  The people who eneded up sitting next to us commented on how fast he can run…I just shook my head and said I hoped they hadn’t seen what he was doing.

By this time, Isaac has missed his nap and we’ve been outside in the head for a long time.  He found a “soft” on the program and was shortly laying in the grass, sucking his thumb and softing the ribbon.  This lasted through most of the procession, but then he decided he needed to get up.  To keep him quiet and entertained I gave him the camera, so pretty much all my shots from the wedding were from Isaac, but he was great–a perfect kids!

The bride and groom then took picture with the families and the rest of us went up to enjoy cocktail hour.  I found a corner and ended up melting to the floor.  Isaac quickly jumped in my lap and I asked Zach to run to the car to get Isaac’s monkey.  Within about three minutes of receiving his monkey, Isaac was out.  Poor guy was so tired.  I sat in my corner for a while, but people kept stepping on me, so I eventually enlisted some help to move to a chair, where I watched the wedding party enter and everyone watch the first dance.  When Zach was done with his duties, I had him hold Isaac for a bit, then we transfered him to the floor in a corner between two tables, then we picked him up and moved him into the dinner hall (on a chair with his head in my lap).  All this time and movement he didn’t wake up or even start to wake up.  When they started serving food, I tried hard to wake Isaac up, but it still took about 20 minutes, but once he was up, he was up.

The dining hall was actually outside covered by a canopy.  Next to the hall were some steps that led to this nice grassy space where the kids decided to run and play.  It worked out great.  But someone had brought a yellow lab puppy that was tethered to the tree.  The dog was about Isaac’s size and when Isaac came running through, she thought he was playing with her and she pounced on him, biting and licking.  Poor Isaac couldn’t figure out how to get up until some kids came and distracted the dog.  I talked to Isaac about not running around the puppy because she thought he was playing and he didn’t for the rest of the night.

As the dancing started most of the kids moved inside to dance, but I couldn’t get Isaac to dance.  He was too concerned about people watching him.  He’d just stand in the middle of the dance floor.  Finally, I had to pull him off and tell him that he could only be on the dance floor if he was dancing and that everyone only wanted to dance with him.  Suddenly, he was a dancing machine.  Most of the time everyone would just circle around him and he’d just dance, dance, dance.  Then he’d move across the dance floor to another group of people.  It was so fun to watch.

At one point, I was on the edge talking to the bride and Isaac waved at me, then pointed at the bride and waved her onto the dance floor.  He was the only person I saw to ask her to dance–so darn cute!  But I tried to get him to dance with me and he said I wasn’t allowed to and pushed me off the dance floor. 😦

Occasionally, Isaac would wander outside to run in the grass and be social with those outside, but after it got dark, I had to put my foot down and tell him he was no longer allowed outside until we were with him.  He agreed and went to dancing and within minutes I couldn’t find him.  I searched around the room, in the dining area, asked several people, looked outside and was getting a bit freaked out.  I decided he could only be in one place – the bathroom – so I walked that direction and sure enough, he came down the hall with his shirt tucked in (a tell-tell sign he has been potty).

Me: Isaac, where were you?

Isaac: In the bathroom.

Me: By yourself?

Isaac: Yes. (pushing me aside so he could go dance.)

I was amazed, but I shouldn’t be that surprised.  He is quite the independent little guy, as long as it isn’t dark.

When we were getting ready to go we gave Isaac a last dance warning.  We do this anytime we are leaving a place so he doesn’t get so upset by being surprised, most of the time he just decides to leave right then, but not always.  A few minutes later, we again could not find Isaac.  I searched everywhere…including the bathroom.  I asked everyone I ran into (even if I didn’t know them, they knew Isaac, everyone knew Isaac).  Both Zach and I were really starting to panic when a group sitting in the dining hall said he was under the table and apologized for not telling me when I asked the first time, but they hadn’t seen him go under the table clothes.  Darn kid!

On the 45 minute drive home, we expected Isaac to fall asleep, but no, he talked non-stop.  Telling us about the wedding, asking to go places, wanting to go to friends house, talking about the things he was seeing.  He was crazy.  We stopped at Sonic because I wanted a milkshake and Isaac hadn’t eaten well at the wedding.  He devoured the corndog and continued to talk.  We got home.  I crawled into bed, Zach put the house to bed (turned off all the light except for in Isaac’s room) and crawled into bed.  I asked Isaac to come snuggle with me and heard: “Not yet.  I’m playing with my cars.”  A few minutes later, he did grab his blanket and climb up to snuggle, but I couldn’t believe he was still going so late at night.