Moving and Shaking

Today I’m 24 weeks pregnant!  I really can’t believe how fast the time has gone, but also how much still remains.  I’m so excited for our little girl to arrive, but I’m also nervous about the changes to our family.

Who is this little one?  What will she be like?  Will she be tiny like her brother?  Calm and collected?  I’m guessing not so much as her brother on that one.  She is a little mover.  Kicking me all over the place.  My memory of Isaac was of being quieter, less active and mainly in one place, but I could just be remembering the end of the pregnancy when he didn’t have as much room to move.

I’ve been feeling baby girl move around for a few weeks, not as early as with Isaac and not as early as the book say, but that can be attributed to the face that the placenta is on the front of the uterus and essentially a buffer for all her movements and kicks.  I’ve been trying to get Zach to feel her for a while, but until yesterday he still hadn’t felt her move.  Now, Isaac is convinced she kicks him all the time!

Yesterday afternoon, while I was working, little girl was being very active.  I happened to look down and see my belly actually bounce and move around.  I was sure if I could see it Zach should be able to feel it.  Thankfully, she remained active for most of the evening and into the night.  Isaac helped out by giving her raspberries and Zach was finally able to feel her move and see my belly move from her kicks.  It’s so nice to finally get to share that him.  I hope Isaac settles down enough sometime to experience it as well.


One thought on “Moving and Shaking

  1. That’s what Billy keeps waiting for too, movement. He asks me all the time if I can feel it or if he can. I can’t wait till he has that experience too. Soon! I can’t wait to hear about your little girl, if she is half as awesome as Isaac, she will be wonderful.

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