On Friday

On Friday morning I was getting out of bed when I received a text from a friend saying she’d heard about the shooting and wanted to make sure I was okay.  It took a quick look at my Facebook feed to realize what she was talking about, The Theater Shooting.  I quickly responded that we were fine and tried to avoid hearing about the shooting the rest of the day.  This was a challenge.

We are just miles from the theater.  The high school I taught at is less than a mile from it.  I am friends with both teachers and students from that school, not to mention the effect it was having on the community as a whole.  Throughout the day I was distracted with updates, learning slowly of friends and family effected by the shooting more than just with the news of it happening.

A close friend, more like a brother, who I’ve known his whole life, was at that theater during the shooting.  At this point I haven’t had the opportunity to speak with him, but know he is okay.  I want to hear his story, but for now I’m respecting his privacy.

Of course, the most tragic news of this event are those of the deaths.  I learned on Friday evening, that one of of my student’s brother is one of those whose life was lost.  If he was anything like his brother, we lost a great one.

Words cannot properly convey the thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Colorado is going through a rough couple of months…between the fires and this.My heart goes out to my student and his family; to everyone who has lost a loved one in this senseless event or have been severely impacted.  All I can do is pray…for the families, for our community, for our country and the world – May God use this event to build us in his love and strength.


Moving and Shaking

Today I’m 24 weeks pregnant!  I really can’t believe how fast the time has gone, but also how much still remains.  I’m so excited for our little girl to arrive, but I’m also nervous about the changes to our family.

Who is this little one?  What will she be like?  Will she be tiny like her brother?  Calm and collected?  I’m guessing not so much as her brother on that one.  She is a little mover.  Kicking me all over the place.  My memory of Isaac was of being quieter, less active and mainly in one place, but I could just be remembering the end of the pregnancy when he didn’t have as much room to move.

I’ve been feeling baby girl move around for a few weeks, not as early as with Isaac and not as early as the book say, but that can be attributed to the face that the placenta is on the front of the uterus and essentially a buffer for all her movements and kicks.  I’ve been trying to get Zach to feel her for a while, but until yesterday he still hadn’t felt her move.  Now, Isaac is convinced she kicks him all the time!

Yesterday afternoon, while I was working, little girl was being very active.  I happened to look down and see my belly actually bounce and move around.  I was sure if I could see it Zach should be able to feel it.  Thankfully, she remained active for most of the evening and into the night.  Isaac helped out by giving her raspberries and Zach was finally able to feel her move and see my belly move from her kicks.  It’s so nice to finally get to share that him.  I hope Isaac settles down enough sometime to experience it as well.

Wedding in the Park

How do I get so far behind?  I come here today to write a post on pregnancy, but I’ve decided I’m missing too many things over the last month to move on to that.  So, instead I’ll write about a wedding.

It seems to be the year of weddings (and babies, but that is for another post).  I’m reading blogs about weddings.  Seeing photos on Facebook of long ago friends and cousins getting married.  And we have been invited to four weddings weddings this summer.  One was Friday, but we were not able to make it to Nashville.  The rest are in Denver, so we’ll be sure to attend.

On June 24 was the first wedding.  It was for one of Zach’s employees who has also become a close friend.  The wedding took place in the middle of a week little over a week period of record breaking 100+ temps, that day included.  It was blazing hot, and the wedding was outside.  In fact it was at the same state park that Zach and I got married in, just a different area (thankfully!).

I started stressing on the way to the wedding because my hair had taken me a little more time than I expected and it was going to make us about 10 minutes late.  Plus, in the rush of getting to the car, a travel cup was broken, money for the entrance to the park was forgotten and my bra snapped.  We didn’t have the extra time to make it to the store for a card or even to the gas station to fill the almost empty gas tank.

But, oh the luxury of the the air conditioned car.  After I fixed my bra with safety pins and gave into the fact that we were going to be late, it was so nice to sit with the cold, cold air blowing on me.  Being 22 weeks pregnant in an un-airconditioned house in the middle of a heat wave is NOT fun!

Once we arrived at the park I was so thankful for other reasons:

  • The location of the wedding was under a covered area that provided shade (no standing/sitting in the sun).
  • There was a cool breeze blowing up through the covered area.
  • The smoke from the wild fires could not be smelled (until much later in the wedding).
  • And most of all, the wedding hadn’t started yet.  We were right on time!

It was a cute, low-key wedding and Phil and Kasie looked great!

The wedding was right during naptime, so our little monster, didn’t get his normal nap.  He was a little crabby (and hot), but thankfully, there was a little girl a bit younger than he is that wanted to play with him.  They chased bubbles and played in this little tree area next to the eating area.  I wish I had been able to get some pictures.

After the wedding party arrived back and we blew bubbles at them, we decided to go on a little walk down to the site we got married at.  It was so HOT, but we kind of had to.  Of course, I wanted a family photo and with no one around to take our photo, I had to rely upon my timing skills.  Wait, who am I kidding?  Even if someone had been there, I’d still have created my own tripod for the event. 🙂

This is how I hooked up my camera:

And my camera takes 10 shots at a time, so we generally get a lot of “un-prepared” shots, but we’ve gotten it down.   Most of the time we only need me to push the button 1 or 2 times, but we always get a good photo.  In this case it was 2…I had quite a long way to run in my flip-flops, over some benches and down a rocky incline.

On our way back, I handed the camera to Zach.  I’ve been trying to get him to get photos of me alone, and me with Isaac as it seems we lack those.  And on this day I also wanted documentation of my hair, since it had taken me so long to get up (but it did last two nights of sleeping on it before it was a wreck!).  One of the photos Zach took, looked so much like one of the photos from our wedding, I just had to put them side by side.  I was standing in pretty much the same spot.  Crazy!

We walked back to the wedding and enjoyed some yummy food and cupcakes and I fell in love with Orange Hi-C (I must be pregnant, I’ve craved it ever since).  We didn’t make it to dancing.  The heat had wiped me out and I was started to feel really yucky and the fire smoke was getting to me.  We didn’t even make it out of the state park and Isaac was out.