The History of Beds

11 plus years ago when Zach and I first started dating, Zach had a queen sized waterbed frame with foam inside for a mattress.  I remember it had a dent in the middle that was perfectly formed to his body.  Around the time he moved apartments (about 9 months before we got married), he upgraded to a real mattress.

During this same period I was sleeping in my single sized bed.  I’m slightly confused on when I moved from my king-sized waterbed to my single sized regular bed, but I think it was during high school.  My single bed wasn’t the most comfortable and I was always getting cold at night because I just didn’t have enough extra covers on the side.  So when Zach bought his bed, I decided I needed to grow up to and I bought the same exact bed.

When we got married, of course, we just used the bed Zach had.  My bed stayed at my parent’s until we bought our house and then it became our guest bed.  When we got pregnant and Stacy was coming back to live at Mom and Dad’s as a married woman, we gave them back my old bed for Stacy and then eventually the guest room (my old room) and made the guest room into Isaac’s room.

Nine years ago we made these bed purchases and really that have been perfect.  They are extremely comfortable, but over the last year or so, we’ve been thinking it was time to grow-up again.  With my back pain, I can no longer sleep on my stomach, this means I should be sleeping on my side, but in order to do this I need a body pillow or I flop right back onto my stomach.  This takes up a little over half the queen.  Then if Zach is in bed, I’m immediately pulled towards him as he weighs more than I do.  And then, most nights you can add Isaac into the equation either for before bed snuggles, or 3AM warmups after he pees.  When Isaac comes in between 3-6 we usually just fall back to sleep, but are woken up by kicks and not being able to move as the bed is at full capacity.  Good thing we kicked the 90+ pound dog and 60 pound dog off the bed during my first pregnancy!

Anyway, we decided we needed a new bed and that we had just enough tax refund to cover such a splurge.  Upgrading to a new size bed is expensive!  New sheets, new mattress pad, new bedspread, etc.

With our queens we’ve always just had the metal frame with a bed skirt and the box springs.  We’ve hated that.  First, Guinness likes to lean up against the bed and gets the bed skirt dirty and it needs to be washed every two or three days and it’s a pain to get off and back on.  Second, we should be able to get a few boxes under the bed and we can, but it’s hard.  You have to push and it scraps against the bottom of the bed.  Third we have no headboard.  I know that doesn’t seem like that big of deal, but it makes it seem like we are still kids and Zach has been taking off the paint on the walls with his ring.

We decided this time we’d see if we could find a bed frame that would be low enough for the headboard to be under the window, but high enough for storage and so we didn’t feel like we were on the ground.  We were also trying to find something that would be easy for Isaac to get on as our old bed was too tall and we still had to help him get up.  If we could find something for less or the same price as the frame and box springs, we’d go that direction.

We found the perfect bed at IKEA for less than the box springs and frame.  It is actually the only bed we saw in our investigation (which lasted months) that fit everything we wanted.  So last weekend, we bought a mattress (a King sized, plush pillowtop Beautyrest), a bed from IKEA and all the fixings.  We put together the bed frame on Saturday, put our queen mattress on it and slept the night, then early Sunday morning our new mattress was delivered.  Thankfully, I had washed and dried all the new bedding and we were able to make it all up before Isaac even woke up.

I’m in love.  I feel more grown up.  Both Zach and I have space.  And when Isaac is doing his neb on Zach’s side of the bed, there is still room for Zach to be on the bed.  And as it is plush with a little bit of memory foam pillowtop, I’m sleeping better.  Zach says I don’t move at all.  I can tell my growing belly has more support and my hips and back that have been hurting for years have been perfect for the last week.  My only complaint is the covers.  Remember, how I was stating that I upgraded to a queen because the twin didn’t have enough covers, well, now I seems to have too many and sometimes I can’t get out of them when I get too hot in the middle of the night.  It’s like a never-ending sea of covers.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it and it’s a small price to pay for all the benefits we get.

Oh, and remember the storage problem?  We used to have to fight to get two bed-boxes under the bed.  Now they slide easily and we have room for a total of six if we want to expand.  Nice.  Sometimes it’s good to spend a little money on yourself and grow-up a bit.



I can’t believe it’s so hot already.  It feels just like summer, but instead it is just coming really quickly.

Isaac has two more classes this school year and then an end of year program.  I can’t believe he has gone through his first school year, even if it is only preschool.  He has grown so much and I love that he is able to tell me about his day and his friends and why certain classmates are his friends and other are not.  He has had an amazing lead teacher who is more creative than all the teachers I ever worked with at the two year old level.  I really hope his teachers next year are just as amazing.  Isaac’s little girlfriend is potty trained (she is eight months younger than him), so she should be in the same class as he is.  His other best friend is still in diapers, so I don’t know if they will be in the same class or not – depends on if he potty trains this summer.  I think Isaac is going to miss school over the summer.

I only wish school was five minutes away instead of fifteen.  If Zach gets a teaching job next year, I’ll have to take Isaac and pick him up…and haul another baby around after November.  Ugh!  But it is so, so good for him.

Isaac had a four week hockey class in April.  It was Saturday mornings and he loved it.  He has been asking to go, but they don’t do anything until the fall again.  So Zach listed all the different things Isaac could do and his first choice was swimming.  Which is my first choice too.  I was already thinking of putting him in some swim lessons, because he hates the water so much I think it would be good to work on it on a consistent basis and swimming lessons are one of the things I loved most growing up.  So today we signed Isaac up for classes for five weeks starting June 11.  He is super excited and wanted to go today…we are having a hard time understanding time lately.

Isaac has asked to go to the zoo for a couple of weeks…the one with the elephants…he asks almost every day.  When we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo a few weeks back, they were in the process of recreating the elephant area, so they were in hiding.  I told him on Monday we’d go on Saturday and he has been super excited all week.  He woke up from nap on Monday and said he was ready to go.  So I had to show him on the calendar how far away it was and everything that was going to happen first.  Today was the last event – school – so when we went to the library this afternoon, he announced to everyone that he was “going to the zoo tomorrow, the one with the elephants, not the new one.”  So we are headed to the zoo on Saturday.  I hope I can make it.  I’ve haven’t been feeling very good this week.  I’m feeling the baby move, but I’m also feeling pain on my pelvic bone.  I think I’ll call the doctor tomorrow.

We are going to the Sand Dunes the first weekend in June.  We want to go early to try to get some water in the creek because Isaac would love it, so it is going to be the first family-only trip in a few years.  But it’s weird to go so early, at the start of the summer.  Sand Dunes normally marks the end of the summer for me.

We have four weddings this year.  We haven’t been to a wedding in a while, so I’m pretty excited.

Our first wedding is in June in Castlewood Canyon.  This is the same place Zach and I got married, but I have a feeling this wedding will be quite different from ours, mainly because they are using a different site and they are having the reception there as well.

Our next wedding is July 6, but it is in Nashville, and we’ve made the decision not to go.  Originally we were going to go (we love Nashville), but we just don’t have the money this year.  Yes, we could put it on a credit card, but I really prefer to keep my debt to student loans and mortgages.  We are so, so sad to miss this event.

Then we have a wedding July 21.   This one is in Boulder and Zach is one of the groomsmen.  I’m so excited for this couple and to celebrate with them.  The first time I met Russ was two days before our wedding and then when he moved back to Colorado a few years later he became one of our closest friends.  We are so glad he met such a wonderful, down-to-earth girl that we actually enjoy hanging out with…it’s also nice to know a pediatric ER doctor. 🙂

Our final wedding is in October.  I’m really hoping we make it to that one, but we do have a lot going on during that month, so we’ll see.

I guess I need to get Zach to some dance classes fast….he only has about a month to learn before our first wedding!

That’s about all for our summer plans, well, maybe not.  I also want to:

  • Sand and paint the trim.
  • Re-do my bathroom.
  • Go camping a few times.
  • Go to Grand Junction for peaches.
  • Maybe go to Utah for camping.
  • Go swimming.

16 Week Update

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a month.

I was thinking the other day about how much I love to read the post I wrote when I was pregnant with Isaac.  It helps me realize how much the same and different this pregnancy is, so this is going to be pretty much a 100% pregnancy post.

Tomorrow I’ll be 16 weeks along.  I went to the doctor on Friday and as always, everything is fine.  Right as they got me into a room, the doctor I was supposed to be seeing ending up having to go upstairs to deliver a baby, so I talked with the nurse practioner for a while. We listened to the heartbeat and talked about my various ailements.  She actually spent quite a bit more time with me than the doctors normally do.  Before I could go she had to get a doctor to come and sign off and by that time my doctor was back from delivering the baby…it was seriously like 30 minutes later…so I got to see her.

Next time I go in is our big ultrasound.  The one where we count fingers and toes, look at the heart and organ and find out the gender.  Last time we didn’t find out what we were having, but this time we are hoping to, but we aren’t quite sure if we want the world to know or not.  It might be that the only people who really know are the ones who can get it out of Isaac, cause let’s be real, he can’t keep a secret, not at all.

Two weeks ago I was having severe acid reflux.  I was waking up every night several times because my throat was on fire and it had gotten to the point where I was hesitant to drink water and I didn’t want to eat anything…it was all compounded by the constipation too.  I was miserable, so much so I gave the doctor a call to see if there was anything I could do beyond TUMS which weren’t doing much and really just made me want to puke.  She told me to take some Pepcid twice a day.

Oh my was I happy when just 1 hour after taking the first pill, I was fine.  We had Mexican and I was fine.  I slept through the night for the first time in weeks.  It was wonderful.  I kept on the 2 pills a day routine for three days and I was back to normal.  Now, I take it every two or three days when I first start to feel it.  That combined with my daily Metamucil has me feeling pretty good…at least my digestive tract.

I’m having a lot of hip and pelvic pain and it’s generally worse when we do a lot of walking.  I guess that’s to be expected, but I really don’t remember it this early on with Isaac.

I can still wear my non-maternity clothing, but Zach dug out my maternity clothes a few weeks ago and I with all my stomach issues I’ve found the pants and shorts are much more comfortable, but I have to pull them up a lot….I’m really not big enough to be wearing them.  I’ve gained exactly 3 pounds…which is pretty good I suppose.

At the doctor the other day I felt my first movement.  When she was trying to listen to the heartbeat, we heard the heartbeat briefly, then I felt something and the heartbeat went away…she found it again on the other side of my belly.  Over the weekend I felt a few more vague movements…so excited to get to the point where I feel the baby move more.  I can’t wait until Isaac gets to feel it.  He already talks about “his” baby and what she looks like and what she is going to do.  And yes, he always calls the baby a she and only compares “his” baby to girl babies, not boy babies.  At least he has a stance and is sticking to it.