To the Dentist

Isaac went to the dentist today.  As many parents are, I was a bit worried about how he’d do, but I guess there was nothing to be worried about.  After nap this afternoon, I asked Isaac to show me his pretty teeth and then told him we needed to be really good about brushing every day so they stay pretty.  His response: “Can the nurse do it?”

We began talking about the dentist about a month or so ago.  Every few days I’d tell him about what a dentist would do and say and what Isaac needed to do.  Then after I made the appointment last week, I brought it up every day.  Reminding him what they were going to do, why they were doing it and when we we were going.

The morning started out rough.  Isaac didn’t get great sleep last night because of a coughing fit, so I had to wake him up (never a good start) and then he had peed in his bed (let the whining begin).  I had a conference call just before we needed to leave, so I was trying to get him dress and eating, so he could do his neb while I was on the phone.

Well, milk got spilled, clothes got wet, tears fell and of course, the phone rang.  Somehow I we got out the door, with Isaac in clean dry clothes, his neb done and some food in his tummy and without screaming about not getting to watch the end of Dinosaur Train.  I attended my call, provided some insight, but managed not to get any food in my belly.

On the way to the dentist, we talked again about what he was going to do and I told Isaac if he was good, then he could play with my phone while I got my teeth cleaned.  I was planning on it anyway, how else do you keep a 3 year old occupied while you are laying in a chair with your mouth open?

She talked with Isaac on the way back, of course, anyone who talks to Isaac puts him at ease.  Isaac was excited and hoped up into the chair.  She put the bib on, but he was more interested in the light and thought it was really cool.  She tried to take some X-rays, but his mouth is just too little for her to position the film right, so she didn’t push it.  She showed him the tool to polish his teeth and how it worked and explained what she was going to do.

I made a big do about the chair moving up and how fun it was and asked him if he wanted me to hold his hand.  He said yes, so I sat at his side and held it as he tried to sit still (so hard for him during anything) and do everything she said.  But he was also trying to have a conversation and we all know how hard that is with a bunch of stuff in your mouth!  Nothing seemed to phase him, not the polishing, or water or sucking…nothing.

No whine.  No fussing.  We were on to flossing.  He loves flossing at home and didn’t have any problems with her getting all his teeth.  By this point his is getting super wiggly and it’s time to see the doctor.  His patience is running a little low.  He has a few minutes to breathe and wiggle waiting for the dentist.

The dentist put gloves on and helped Isaac put one on, which caused him to not move his hand for the next bit.  The dentist counted Isaac’s teeth – 20, looked at them and then scraped some plaque off.  Isaac sat so patiently.  I was so proud and amazed.

At the end they gave Isaac his tooth brush and then let him pick a prize out of the treasure chest.  That took some time, but finally he decided on an airplane and it was my turn.

I did give Isaac my iPhone and he choose to watch some pbs shows with their app.  He also moved around the room a lot…climbing on the chair and on me to watch and changing positions because he just can’t stand still, but he was even good for his waiting time.

I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo.  He was so cute and so good, I should have documented it, but I suppose this written account will have to do.



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