Where Mis-understandings lead…

I have this family member who likes to keep the family together.  She has never been married, has no kids and lost her mom last year.  I never knew her dad, so he has been gone for a long while.  She is a very nice lady, but she’s the one we all kind of roll our eyes about.

In her desire to keep the family informed and well, a family, she emails us all almost every detail she can.  When I was pregnant with Isaac she began emailing my blogs out to family.  I wasn’t too happy about it and I let her know in the nicest way I could.  She understood and that was that.

Fast forward four years.  With this pregnancy, we haven’t been quite as hush-hush as we were last time, but I’m still not blabbing it all over.  It is not on Facebook and if you aren’t a close friend or family member (or are one of the three people that read my blog, that don’t fall into the other categories), you wouldn’t know I was pregnant.

Well, Grandma told this family member.  With such exciting news, I’d have expected to be copied on an email telling the whole family.  Instead, I received an email saying congratulations, how excited she was for me and if it was a secret.  I told her it was on a “need to know basis” and she responded that she wouldn’t tell anyone that she was just so excited for me.

I’m so thankful she asked.  I’m thankful I told her that it hurt me when she emailed my news before.  I’m at peace.  I feel like by addressing the issue up front years ago, we are in a better place now.  She was never trying to be malicious, in fact, her intentions were quite the opposite.  I see other write her off completely, instead of addressing whatever they feel is the problem.  How sad to lose relationship over misunderstandings?


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