A Peek Inside

If you are reading this, it means I’ve told my family. I’d still like to keep this off of Facebook and from just anyone knowing, so if you are friends with me on Facebook and/or in real-life, comment here and talk to me, but please don’t spread it around.

We had our 7 week ultrasound on Friday.  I’ve been really nervous that something would be wrong, mainly that their wouldn’t be a heartbeat.  I think it is all my doctor’s fault.  Last time I was in she said, “And we’ll see if it’s viable.”  So of course, I got suck on it not being viable.

Isaac was so cute.  When the ultrasound lady came to get us, Isaac immediately told her, “We’re going to see the baby.”  Ultrasounds are hard to see especially when the baby currently looks like a bean, so Isaac is still waiting to see the baby.  Today Isaac and I went through his ultrasound photos and I showed him his head and his feet.  He was real excited.  I’m hoping it’ll help later when he sees better ultrasounds of the baby.

Back to Friday’s ultrasound – I was 7 weeks, 3 days.  Yes, it is a “viable” pregnancy.  Heartbeat was 137 (which works out to 7 weeks 2 days).  Most of the measurements put the baby at 7 weeks, 1 day.  So they just left the due date of October 30.  Isaac’s dates had an eight day range…it was so confusing, but he was just a slow grower, still is.  Below is the image from Friday…it was taken with my phone, so excuse the blurriness.

After the tech took the measurements of the baby, screen shots of my ovaries, she was measuring some black spot.  I asked her what it was.  It’s a subchorionic hematoma or hemorrhage…more easily explained as a blood clot.   It is located between the placenta and the uterine wall, mine specifically is below the placenta, close to the cervix.  I’m wondering if this is why I have been feeling pressure on my cervix.  Neither the ultrasound tech or the doctor were concerned about it.  They said it was small and clotted (not still bleeding).  I did some research online later and it seems there is only a 1-3% chance of miscarriage, primarily in large clot circumstances.   The doctor said I might see some spotting, but to call them and not assume the worse if I do.  It might just be the clot passing.   But no matter what, there is nothing you can do to prevent it and nothing you can do to “fix” it.  It’s a wait and see game.   I might ask next time if they can do an ultrasound and see if it has shrunk…that would make me feel better.

I spent the rest of the day being somewhat stressed–worried about the baby.   I think a lot of that has to do with how crappy I’ve been feeling.  Cramps, naseua and my stupid lower back pain….all things they told me to watch for and when I said I’d had them it was, “well, if it is different.”  So now I’ve been trying to determine what would be different.  Ha!

We had a busy day on Saturday shopping and preparing for our annual St. Patty’s Day Party and then the actual party.  I was pretty worn out.  Thankfully, Sunday didn’t involve much for me besides walking up and down the stairs and going to Taco Bell.

Last night I slept better than I have in weeks and I’ve felt pretty good all day.  It’s my lower back that causes me the most problems.  I need to start going to the chiropractor again, but until then, I’ll just try to ice often.


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