The Dog’s Bathroom

I want to post the photo…but Zach says it is too gross, so let me set the scene.  We have an area of our backyard that Isaac refers to as “the dog’s bathroom.”  It is cheap, fake green grass carpet stuff where the dogs do there business.  We try to keep it clean, but with two dogs, it is covered in poo most of the time…and yesterday was no exception.

I had a quick call and had told Isaac not to bother me until I opened the door.  He said okay and I expected him to play with his cars.  And for a while I did hear him playing around the house…but then things got quiet.  I finished up and went in search of him.  He was no where in the house.

I saw the backdoor open, so I walked outside.  I didn’t see him and I’m starting to panic just a bit.  The dogs are out playing in the grass.  I called for Isaac.  We’ve been working on when I call his name he is supposed to say, “here I am” and sure enough he did.

I look in that direction and see Isaac still in his jammies, but with his pants and undies pulled down to his ankles, sitting (on his butt) in the middle of the “dog’s bathroom” holding his penis down, so he wouldn’t pee on his pants.

“What are you going?!”

“Pooping and peeing.”

He said it so earnestly and it was so disgusting and he didn’t mean any wrong, I just burst out laughing.  I took a quick photo to text to Zach and we had a similar conversation for about five minutes as I tried to convince him to pull his pants up and come inside.  It was still morning, and although it got up to around 70 yesterday, it was chilly, he was in the shade and half naked.  He was covered in goosebumps and shivering, but insisting he wasn’t cold.

I finally convinced him he didn’t really need to go pee and got him to go inside, where we immediately stripped and he took a shower.  He got a very stern you-aren’t-allowed-outside-without-mom-or-dad-and-you-don’t-use-the-dog’s-bathroom lecture.

Absolutely so funny!  And he didn’t see one thing wrong with it.  He is definitely all boy.


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