Whirlwind of Excitement

When I was 12 I had a summer that changed my life.  I went to youth camp for the first time and was miserable because I had no friends and refused to let anyone in.  A few days after youth camp I went to spend 10 days on the farm with my uncle and his family.  I can’t remember exactly how the trip came about, I’d rarely seen my uncle and his kids and I never remembered meeting his wife.

I remember being so scared getting off the airplane in Fargo.  Although my aunt and uncle have three kids, my cousin Joey was the only one that was there the whole time.  Monica is older than me and had already moved out and Rachel was on a trip of some sort most of the time I was there.

But oh, was I kept busy. I was taught how to drive a tracker and left out in the field for hours turning hay.  I flipped it the wrong way on one row and fretted so much…my uncle just said, “guess you won’t do that again.”  I chased cows that got out (I’m pretty sure this is where my fear of cows developed).  I dug up potatoes for dinner (what! Potatoes come from the ground and not the store?) I rode my first horse, learned about reflexology and spent time out in the fields looking for the right wildflowers for my uncle’s teas.  But my favorite place was with my aunt, whether she was teaching me how to cook and make Peach Crap Pie or if I was in her warehouse helping her package soups and ship them out.  I grew up a bit that summer and learned a lot about myself.  It was 10 days of farm packed fun that I’ll never forget and I’ve always wanted to go back.

On Friday my mom mentioned that my uncle might be in town on Sunday.  We were already planning a turkey dinner, so I told Mom they should all come over.  Well, my uncle and his friend got a little behind, car overheated and they got lost, so they didn’t make it for dinner.  They did arrive at Mom and Dad’s sometime in the night to sleep, then this morning I got a call from my mom:  “I just wanted to let you know you are about to be invaded.  Dewane has left, Dad has left and I’m about to pull out.”

Good thing she gave me a little notice.  I was still in my PJs (of course, I pretty much live in my PJs, no wonder they are getting holes) and Isaac wasn’t even awake.  I dressed quickly and got Isaac up – he was excited to have Grandpa coming to visit – and I got Isaac breakfast.

Isaac, of course, was his typical host.  He shook everyone’s hand and when Dad told him  that Dewane was his brother, Isaac said, “I like him” and when Dad said that Brain was his friend, ” Isaac said, “Oh.”  It was quite funny.  Dewane sat at the table while Isaac finished his breakfast and told Isaac all about his tractor’s, cows, chickens and cat.  Then Isaac was dragging Brian and Dad up to his room to “play,” coming down a few minutes later to tell me I can talk later and taking Dewane’s arm to lead him upstairs.

We did manage a few pictures before the guys took off outside before they took off.  And Zach arrive just in time to shake hands…maybe next time.  So can you tell the big guys are brothers? 🙂

It was a whirlwind of excitement.  They were here for about 15 minutes and then gone, but I’m so glad they stopped by.  I really enjoy my uncle and always wish I had more time to talk to him and I really think Zach would enjoy talking to him, but has never gotten the chance.  I wish my family wasn’t so far away.  This summer is shot, if we go anywhere it will be to Nashville, but maybe next year we can take a trip up north and let Isaac experience a farm and really spend some quality time with family.


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