Weird Day

If you are reading this, it means I’ve told my family.  I’d still like to keep this off of Facebook and from just anyone knowing, so if you are friends with me on Facebook and/or in real-life, comment here and talk to me, but please don’t spread it around.

Today was bound to be a strange day.  It was a day Zach had to work 10 hours and so I had to take and pick Isaac up from school, severely cutting into my working hours with all the driving.  I determined a week or so ago that the best way around this was to work at Chick-fil-a (2 minutes from Isaac’s school) for the morning.

Today was also, if-I-haven’t-had-my-period-testing-day.  Zach and I have always had a deal that I only take pregnancy tests with him.  We haven’t made it to testing day for gosh a year and a half or more, so it was kind of weird to think about taking a test today.  I told Zach to wake me up and if Aunt Flow was still MIA I’d take the test while he showered.  Well, he forgot and let me sleep and went to work (more on that story later).

I debated a bit, but finally decided to take the test without Zach.  I set it on the counter to wait the “three” minutes and went to get Isaac up.  We’ve got this getting up thing down to about five, maybe ten minutes.  I get his clothes and dress him as he is waking up, then  we go into the bathroom so he can pee.  While he was peeing I glanced at the stick, but it looked blank, so I went to throw it in the trash.  I was putting it back into the wrapper (I’m weird like that) and I noticed there was a faint second line-pregnant?!  I put it back in the wrapper and left it on the counter.  Knowing it was past the “three” minute mark.  Isaac and I walk downstairs to grab his yogurt (the only thing he’ll eat before school), snack and other school stuff and get in the car.

Pregnant?  Is it possible?  After so long, I’ve kinda become numb to my period coming.  It seems completely impossible that it is possible. And the line is so, so faint.  But I’ve taken plenty of these things and tried to imagine lines there…this is no imaginary line.

I called to tell Zach that he forgot to wake me up….and then what the stick said.  Of course, he is at work around a bunch of people and doesn’t say much.  Then asks if I heard about his morning.  I didn’t, so he goes on to tell me he couldn’t get his car to start this morning (he only takes his car on Tuesday/Thursday mornings when I need my car to take Isaac to school, so it hadn’t been driven since last Thursday morning when he brought Isaac home).  Turns out he was out of gas.  He has to tromp through the snow and battle the gate and shed doors to get to the gas in the shed, which turned out to be enough to start the car and get to the gas station.  And I didn’t hear any of the commotion.

I also, did not hear Isaac come into our bed last night, but I woke up with him cuddle between me and my body pillow (the side away from Zach) hours after I’d woken up to Zach watching TV and Isaac was in his bed at that time.  How Isaac got all cozied in, I don’t know.  Zach didn’t hear him either.

While I was working at Chick-fil-A, my mom called and asked if I could stop by her house on my way home and help her fix her Internet.  It’s kinda on the way home from preschool, so I said okay.

I got to Isaac’s school a bit early because I like to see how he interacts with the other kids and teachers and they have this great window that the kids can’t see out very well.  Isaac is a pretty good kid.  It’s hard for him to stop running, but the second he was asked to go wash hands, he did and all my himself.  The last thing they do at school is sing songs and she puts this “sit-upons” down for the kids to sit on.  Isaac and his friend Liam insisted on their “sit-upons” touching.  And then Liam wanted to hold hands.  It was so cute to see them sitting there holding hands waiting for all the rest of the kids to get onto their “sit-upons.”  Then they sang songs.  Isaac loves the songs and Ms. Karen is great about having signals and things for them to do with their hands and feet.  Towards the end of singing Isaac moved his mat over a bit to his girlfriend, Alexie, made sure they were touching and then put his arm around her as they continued to sing.  It was so stinkin’ cute!  “Just like his dad,” is what I was thinking.  Zach did exactly that same thing on our first date. Ha!

After school, we stopped by Mom’s house.  I wasn’t much help because she told me to push a button and I didn’t see any buttons.  We tried to get Comcast on the phone, but they had a 3 minute wait time that was way over 20 minutes as that is when I left.  Isaac pretty much ate lunch there…had some cashews, yogurts, rice, cheese and crackers…oh and a Twisler.  When we got home I asked Isaac what he wanted for lunch, “nothing, I just want to go to bed.”  So off, to nap we went.

He slept 3.5 hours!  I had two conference calls and got lots and lots of billing done.  When he woke up, I let him watch one WordWorld while I finished up work.

Zach came home and I showed him my stick.  I gave him the instructions so he could read it too.  We are both feeling like we can’t believe it.  I know a false-positive is less likely than a false-negative, and that any faint line means positive, but it seems unreal.  I told Zach it’s easier for him because he doesn’t have the physical things to question…oh my boobs hurt…definitely pregnant….oh wait, I’m cramping, maybe my period is coming.  We’ve done this for months, and I’ve really been paying attention and in all reality, I don’t feel any different than I did last month.  Not to mention that this month my temps were all over the place, so I can’t be sure exactly when I ovulated, because I was sick and I’ve forgotten my progesterone a couple of times.  I’m going to take a test again tomorrow…my last one.  Depending on what it says I might breakdown and get a digital – love the PREGNANT on the screen.  Until tomorrow…


One thought on “Weird Day

  1. Hello pretty lady,
    I know how challenging those moments are. I feel like I have been going through that for 10+ years. I have finally come to the conclusion that I am just not meant to have kids. I am so thrilled you “may” be pregnant. I will be praying for you and Zach, for peace, for God’s will and more peace 🙂 I agree though, digital is nice!
    We miss you guys!

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