CPK Party

Years ago, when we first got married, we spent quite a bit of time with my sister, our friend Hanna (who also happened to work with Zach and Stacy) and Zach’s friend Russ.  We spent almost every weekend together…sometimes we’d play games, sometimes we made homemade ice cream and a couple of times we had what I’ve deemed CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) Parties.

A few weeks back, I decided to dig up my old CPK Cookbook and make the dough.  We invited some friends over for football and all made our own pizzas…you know, the boring kind with red sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausage and a few other traditional items.  They were so good I insisted on making more homemade pizzas the following week.

I remember back to our first CPK night.  My kitchen was a disaster.  We had three or four different kinds of pizzas going on.  One required black beans from dried beans and I’d never done that before and was trying to do the “quick” way.  We had dough rising and I was completely scared I was going to mess it up.

When we did this a few weeks ago, the dough was so easy.  I’m sure it’s because I make a lot of bread now, so I just naturally know how and what do to instead of having to read the recipe every 2 seconds.  I’m also pretty good at working the dough, as our last two parties have shown.  Our first group of people were mainly young men who butchered the dough and I had to fix it so it didn’t have holes in the bottom.  Our second group of ladies, was scared to really push it around.  Cracked me up.

I decided it’s my new favorite thing to do when people come over….so we invited all the people from Zach’s work over.  I originally had just asked Zach if any of them would be interested.  A few days later he came home and told me everyone was coming over on Saturday…guess they decided.

I provided the dough, but everyone who came was to bring the sauce and toppings.  Of course, I gave them the cookbook so they could do something fun….but nope, we went boring again.  I thought of doing a chicken burrito or a BBQ chicken, but in the end, I just didn’t have extra space in my fridge, so we went with the leftovers we already had and what people brought.

Unfortunately, almost half the party was from one family and canceled on us at the last minutes.  Of course, I was quite upset, because I’d passed the point on preparing the dough when you can freeze it and it seemed like such a waste to lose three pizzas!  We called a few people…no one was available, except for Zach’s Dad.  Of course, the only reason he came was to see Hanna.  Hanna no longer works with Zach and actually lives in Texas, but she recently had surgery and is living with he parents while her leg heals.  She was such a big part of our lives, that Ron really bonded with her.

We still had two extra doughs so someone made a pizza for left overs and I used some cream cheese, milk, cinnamon, sugar and an apple to top the last one.  It make a really yummy dessert pizza.

Ron spent most of the evening playing with Isaac, but Isaac did take all the girls (one at a time) up to his room to play.  And they all sang songs with Isaac and danced with him.  I guess that’s the nice thing about having a bunch of energetic young ladies who work with kids come over.  We also played Phase 10.  All in all, a good night!  And so reminiscent of the good ol’ days.



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