Hard to Deny

If you are reading this, it means I’ve told my family. I’d still like to keep this off of Facebook and from just anyone knowing, so if you are friends with me on Facebook and/or in real-life, comment here and talk to me, but please don’t spread it around.

I guess it’s hard to deny this:

Five tests over three days….I’M PREGNANT!!! YAY!


Off the Deep End

If you are reading this, it means I’ve told my family. I’d still like to keep this off of Facebook and from just anyone knowing, so if you are friends with me on Facebook and/or in real-life, comment here and talk to me, but please don’t spread it around.

I kinda went crazy today, but before I get to that let’s go back to the beginning.

Back in June 2010, about a year and a half after Isaac was born we decided to actively work on having another baby. Before that we hadn’t been trying or not trying. Like last time, I decided to track my cycles by taking my BBT every morning. I’m a late Ovulator, so if I didn’t track we may never get pregnant. Turns out, taking your true resting temp is really hard when you wake up a couple of times a night to go to the bathroom and take care of a kid.

Things were going fine for a while, but I was noticing that my Luteal phase was fluctuating a lot – it shouldn’t hardly change and it didn’t when I tracked before getting pregnant with Isaac. Then I noticed they were getting shorter and shorter…8 days, 7 days, 6 days. If you no nothing about charting this means it would be near impossible to conceive. The egg implants around 7-10 days…so anything less than 10 bad.

After about a year, I went to the doctor for my annual. She asked about having a second baby and I told her we’d been trying for a year. At this point, we began lots and lots of tests….all my blood test came back normal, so she wanted to ensure I was ovulating and asked that I come in every day for an ultrasound around the middle of my cycle…unfortunately, we were on a road trip and I couldn’t make it. Basically, it took us a bit to get me in and it was determined that I do ovulate, just later than most. She gave me three options, I went with the less invasive…just taking a progesterone supplement after ovulation to lengthen my luteal phase.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned about progestrone:

  • It makes me sooooo thirsty, I just can’t get enough water.
  • I take it and within an hour or so, I cannot function. My body just gets so, so tired.
  • Has helped with the headaches I used to get almost constantly.

Now, I decided progesterone wasn’t enough, so I started taking a B vitamin supplement with my normal multivitamin. This I think might also be impacting my headaches. Slowly, my luteal phase lengthen by 1 or 2 days each month. And then my ovulation day come earlier and earlier. And then this month came….

I was really bad about taking my temperature at the beginning of the month, well, at least about actually recording the temperature. Then I got sick and it looked like I ovulated, earlier than ever before, so I didn’t know if I should go with it or pretend like it was later. There were so many questions in my head. Long story, but I wasn’t expecting anything this month.

But…I took a test yesterday…faint positive. I took a test this morning….faint positive….fainter than yesterday. I started to freak out. Should I believe it? Is it just a evap line? Finally I decided I needed new tests. You see the two I had were two years old and set to expire 3/2012. Yes, we’ve been TTC for two years and only tested once at the beginning in all that time. I’m not a crazy tester…I always wait until my period is late. So Zach picked some up on his way home. He bought two different kinds, well, kinda three, since one was a digital in a box with a non-digital.

Anyway….I took a test….faint positive, but it definitely came up in the three minutes (on the other ones I’d walked away and not actually looked at a clock, so…), Zach wasn’t so sure, so I took the different kind that came with the digital and took that one….positive. Yes, I took three pregnancy tests in one day. I felt like one of those movies were the person doesn’t want to be pregnant and keeps taking test to get a negative.

I’ve posted my three below, in the order I took them….the top one looks like a little grey line…this is where the confusion started….but the other two are clear to me that they are positive, Zach’s not so sure.

Tomorrow or Friday, I’ll take the digital for Zach.

October 30. I had a brief freak out moment last night when I realized I will not be able to reach my goal of 132 by 32, but really it’s just because I need to change my thinking. I’ve been making plans and goals and such to keep myself from becoming too depressed, but really this has been my big goal – to have another baby.

We asked Isaac if he wanted to be a big brother and he said, “Yes, like Liam and Finn at Jessica and Jordan’s house.” A bit later we asked if he wanted a brother or a sister, he said, “A brother.” Why? “Like Liam and Finn at Jessica and Jordan’s house.” Ha ha ha!

Weird Day

If you are reading this, it means I’ve told my family.  I’d still like to keep this off of Facebook and from just anyone knowing, so if you are friends with me on Facebook and/or in real-life, comment here and talk to me, but please don’t spread it around.

Today was bound to be a strange day.  It was a day Zach had to work 10 hours and so I had to take and pick Isaac up from school, severely cutting into my working hours with all the driving.  I determined a week or so ago that the best way around this was to work at Chick-fil-a (2 minutes from Isaac’s school) for the morning.

Today was also, if-I-haven’t-had-my-period-testing-day.  Zach and I have always had a deal that I only take pregnancy tests with him.  We haven’t made it to testing day for gosh a year and a half or more, so it was kind of weird to think about taking a test today.  I told Zach to wake me up and if Aunt Flow was still MIA I’d take the test while he showered.  Well, he forgot and let me sleep and went to work (more on that story later).

I debated a bit, but finally decided to take the test without Zach.  I set it on the counter to wait the “three” minutes and went to get Isaac up.  We’ve got this getting up thing down to about five, maybe ten minutes.  I get his clothes and dress him as he is waking up, then  we go into the bathroom so he can pee.  While he was peeing I glanced at the stick, but it looked blank, so I went to throw it in the trash.  I was putting it back into the wrapper (I’m weird like that) and I noticed there was a faint second line-pregnant?!  I put it back in the wrapper and left it on the counter.  Knowing it was past the “three” minute mark.  Isaac and I walk downstairs to grab his yogurt (the only thing he’ll eat before school), snack and other school stuff and get in the car.

Pregnant?  Is it possible?  After so long, I’ve kinda become numb to my period coming.  It seems completely impossible that it is possible. And the line is so, so faint.  But I’ve taken plenty of these things and tried to imagine lines there…this is no imaginary line.

I called to tell Zach that he forgot to wake me up….and then what the stick said.  Of course, he is at work around a bunch of people and doesn’t say much.  Then asks if I heard about his morning.  I didn’t, so he goes on to tell me he couldn’t get his car to start this morning (he only takes his car on Tuesday/Thursday mornings when I need my car to take Isaac to school, so it hadn’t been driven since last Thursday morning when he brought Isaac home).  Turns out he was out of gas.  He has to tromp through the snow and battle the gate and shed doors to get to the gas in the shed, which turned out to be enough to start the car and get to the gas station.  And I didn’t hear any of the commotion.

I also, did not hear Isaac come into our bed last night, but I woke up with him cuddle between me and my body pillow (the side away from Zach) hours after I’d woken up to Zach watching TV and Isaac was in his bed at that time.  How Isaac got all cozied in, I don’t know.  Zach didn’t hear him either.

While I was working at Chick-fil-A, my mom called and asked if I could stop by her house on my way home and help her fix her Internet.  It’s kinda on the way home from preschool, so I said okay.

I got to Isaac’s school a bit early because I like to see how he interacts with the other kids and teachers and they have this great window that the kids can’t see out very well.  Isaac is a pretty good kid.  It’s hard for him to stop running, but the second he was asked to go wash hands, he did and all my himself.  The last thing they do at school is sing songs and she puts this “sit-upons” down for the kids to sit on.  Isaac and his friend Liam insisted on their “sit-upons” touching.  And then Liam wanted to hold hands.  It was so cute to see them sitting there holding hands waiting for all the rest of the kids to get onto their “sit-upons.”  Then they sang songs.  Isaac loves the songs and Ms. Karen is great about having signals and things for them to do with their hands and feet.  Towards the end of singing Isaac moved his mat over a bit to his girlfriend, Alexie, made sure they were touching and then put his arm around her as they continued to sing.  It was so stinkin’ cute!  “Just like his dad,” is what I was thinking.  Zach did exactly that same thing on our first date. Ha!

After school, we stopped by Mom’s house.  I wasn’t much help because she told me to push a button and I didn’t see any buttons.  We tried to get Comcast on the phone, but they had a 3 minute wait time that was way over 20 minutes as that is when I left.  Isaac pretty much ate lunch there…had some cashews, yogurts, rice, cheese and crackers…oh and a Twisler.  When we got home I asked Isaac what he wanted for lunch, “nothing, I just want to go to bed.”  So off, to nap we went.

He slept 3.5 hours!  I had two conference calls and got lots and lots of billing done.  When he woke up, I let him watch one WordWorld while I finished up work.

Zach came home and I showed him my stick.  I gave him the instructions so he could read it too.  We are both feeling like we can’t believe it.  I know a false-positive is less likely than a false-negative, and that any faint line means positive, but it seems unreal.  I told Zach it’s easier for him because he doesn’t have the physical things to question…oh my boobs hurt…definitely pregnant….oh wait, I’m cramping, maybe my period is coming.  We’ve done this for months, and I’ve really been paying attention and in all reality, I don’t feel any different than I did last month.  Not to mention that this month my temps were all over the place, so I can’t be sure exactly when I ovulated, because I was sick and I’ve forgotten my progesterone a couple of times.  I’m going to take a test again tomorrow…my last one.  Depending on what it says I might breakdown and get a digital – love the PREGNANT on the screen.  Until tomorrow…

CPK Party

Years ago, when we first got married, we spent quite a bit of time with my sister, our friend Hanna (who also happened to work with Zach and Stacy) and Zach’s friend Russ.  We spent almost every weekend together…sometimes we’d play games, sometimes we made homemade ice cream and a couple of times we had what I’ve deemed CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) Parties.

A few weeks back, I decided to dig up my old CPK Cookbook and make the dough.  We invited some friends over for football and all made our own pizzas…you know, the boring kind with red sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausage and a few other traditional items.  They were so good I insisted on making more homemade pizzas the following week.

I remember back to our first CPK night.  My kitchen was a disaster.  We had three or four different kinds of pizzas going on.  One required black beans from dried beans and I’d never done that before and was trying to do the “quick” way.  We had dough rising and I was completely scared I was going to mess it up.

When we did this a few weeks ago, the dough was so easy.  I’m sure it’s because I make a lot of bread now, so I just naturally know how and what do to instead of having to read the recipe every 2 seconds.  I’m also pretty good at working the dough, as our last two parties have shown.  Our first group of people were mainly young men who butchered the dough and I had to fix it so it didn’t have holes in the bottom.  Our second group of ladies, was scared to really push it around.  Cracked me up.

I decided it’s my new favorite thing to do when people come over….so we invited all the people from Zach’s work over.  I originally had just asked Zach if any of them would be interested.  A few days later he came home and told me everyone was coming over on Saturday…guess they decided.

I provided the dough, but everyone who came was to bring the sauce and toppings.  Of course, I gave them the cookbook so they could do something fun….but nope, we went boring again.  I thought of doing a chicken burrito or a BBQ chicken, but in the end, I just didn’t have extra space in my fridge, so we went with the leftovers we already had and what people brought.

Unfortunately, almost half the party was from one family and canceled on us at the last minutes.  Of course, I was quite upset, because I’d passed the point on preparing the dough when you can freeze it and it seemed like such a waste to lose three pizzas!  We called a few people…no one was available, except for Zach’s Dad.  Of course, the only reason he came was to see Hanna.  Hanna no longer works with Zach and actually lives in Texas, but she recently had surgery and is living with he parents while her leg heals.  She was such a big part of our lives, that Ron really bonded with her.

We still had two extra doughs so someone made a pizza for left overs and I used some cream cheese, milk, cinnamon, sugar and an apple to top the last one.  It make a really yummy dessert pizza.

Ron spent most of the evening playing with Isaac, but Isaac did take all the girls (one at a time) up to his room to play.  And they all sang songs with Isaac and danced with him.  I guess that’s the nice thing about having a bunch of energetic young ladies who work with kids come over.  We also played Phase 10.  All in all, a good night!  And so reminiscent of the good ol’ days.


Snow Day

As a kid we all hoped and prayed for snow days.  As a teacher, I hoped and prayed for snow days (and we had almost two weeks of snow days that year!).  As a work from home mom, I still pray for snow days, but for slightly different reasons.

Since my husband works for the school district, snow days mean no work for him and better yet, he gets paid if he is scheduled to work.  It’s a win-win!  He gets to sleep in, play with Isaac, make chicken noodle soup and just enough the day.

But as I work from home, there is no such thing as a snow day.  My boss is in another state and as long as I have power, I pretty much have to work.  And snow days make it SO HARD to work…with all the fun going on!

On Friday we had a snow day.  Zach and Isaac had been sick and Zach had refused to talk time off work to sleep, so it was a blessing for him to be forced to stay home.  Isaac really wanted to go shovel, but with his cough and the fact that it never stopped snowing, we just put it off.

SInce it snowed all day, I got to have a pretend snow day on Saturday.  We slept in and we just lazing around the house, watching the snow fall.  Around noon it stopped and the sun came out and my dad called to say he had gotten the snow blower working and wanted to know if we wanted him to bring it over to do our drive.  Isaac, of course, agreed.

So Mom and Dad came over with Muffin.  Zach snow-blowed, while we watched and shoveled bits and pieces.  Isaac loves his grandpa and followed him everywhere.  They even got in the van to drive around the corner and park.  We live on the corner and Dad had parked in front of our driveway, he wanted to park on the side of the house to get out of the way, so Isaac got to ride in the van for the first time.  He has been waiting for so long!  We belted him into the passenger seat, they turned the corner and got out.  Isaac was somewhat disappointed that it wasn’t a longer trip.

When Zach was done, the boys had a little bit of a snow ball fight.  Dad and Zach would make balls for Isaac and he would throw them at one or the other and they would hit him. It was so much fun to watch and I had my camera, but did I take one photo?  Nope.  I was having too much fun just enjoying the show.

After a while we went inside and heated up some of the soup Zach made the day before and served it with the bread I made.  Mom and Dad didn’t stay too long in the day.  Dad read Isaac some books before nap and then they headed out, so I had nap time to read.  It was so much fun to have a pretend snow day!

After nap, we rushed to the store because Isaac’s marble maze (gift for his birthday) had finally come in and we wanted to get it before the store closed.  And since the store is in the same parking lot at Chick-fil-a, we ended up there for dinner.  Isaac was having a blast playing on the play structure with all the other kids.  He kept coming out the door telling us, “This is my new best friend,” when he’d made a new friend.  It was so cute.  And then I asked him to come to me so I could wipe his nose.  He started coughing and almost immediately threw up all over the booth and then proceeded to throw up more and more and scream and cry and make a big production.  It was so embarrassing.  I finally was able to move the table so I could get out without getting a mess on me and I took Isaac to the bathroom, where he immediately stopped crying and wanted to go play again.  I told him he couldn’t and the screaming ensued again.  It was not fun.  The only way I got him to settle down was to tell him we were going home to play with his new marble maze.  But before we left, we traded his kid’s meal toy for an IceDream cone, half of which I ate and then I gave the rest to Isaac.

Isaac has had this cough for a while and it’s been hard enough that he has thrown up several times.  He’ll even run for the bathroom if we are home.  Poor guy.  I feel so bad for him.

We did come home and play with the marble maze.  It was so much fun to build and play as a family.  Isaac has continued to play with it for the last few days…definitely a good gift for him.