Kids say

I haven’t done a kids say in a while and there are so many conversations I with Isaac I wish I could just freeze in time.  We really have a chatterbox on our hands and since today marks him being three years and one month old, I think it’s fitting to write a bit about his conversations.

Yesterday I was downstairs at the kitchen table reading.  Zach was upstairs reading (a first in our house, that we are both reading).  Isaac comes stomping down stairs and says, “I asked Daddy to read all my book, but he said no.  He only wants to read his book.”  He goes to a stool and starts pulling it to the counter.  “I’m going to use this stool to see if there is any candy on the counter.”  He pulls the stool around and climbs up on it and carefully searches the counter (all that is there are dirty dishes and a hand mixer).  He lifts up various items, careful to put them down in the same place.  From his high vantage point, he begins to look around the rest of the kitchen and then the table.  He sees me looking at him and smiles.  “Nope, no candy.”  He climbs down and goes on his way.

Isaac loves to listen to music and watch music videos on the iPod/iPhone.  He will readily tell you his favorite song is “Party Rock” and he can even sing to parts of it, but that is because he likes to dance with us to it.

What amazes me is his true ability to remember words.  There is this one song about a Red race horse that has like four different verses and he can sing most of them without the music.  And of course, it’s always fun to find him twirling in a room singing “fishers of men, fishers of men” or hear him downstairs eating snack signing VeggieTales Intro and “red and yellow mixed together make the color orange.  blue and brown mixed together make the color green….”  This last song he only really knows the red and yellow make orange part, so he just throws random colors in in the other places.

Today, Isaac was coloring on his easel as I was working.  He was very attament that he wanted to make “I’s” and sure enough the paper was soon full of orange I’s, big ones, little ones, all sorts of I’s.  I tried to get him to make and S or A or C, but he said S’s were too hard and tried a few A’s.  The problem was he critiques himself too much.  “That’s not a good I.” or “I think that’s a really good one.”  So funny to watch him analyze himself, but he was convinced his A’s were no good, so returned to making I’s (continuing with his critique.)

A few problem areas we’ve run into lately:

  • Isaac insists on saying “fook it” instead of “look it.”  And he used to say it right.
  • Isaac has started saying, “what the heck is that?” or “why the heck?”  I guess it’s better than bad words and it is quite cute coming out of his mouth, but sounds just wrong too.



One thought on “Kids say

  1. Thanks for this. I was giggling the whole way through. Made me think of his version of marshmallow…and that too makes me giggle. Thanks for sharing such joy, Jenn!

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