And he’s three!

We are now the proud parents of a three-year-old.  I don’t know quite how this happened.  It’s so cliche but it seems like yesterday he was born and yet I can’t imagine him not being here.

A year ago I had to be his translator.  It worked well.  I was around him all the time, so even if he left out parts, I knew what he meant – I was there.  Today, no translator is required.  He is quite happy to talk to complete strangers.  To a busboy at a restaurant the other night:

I: What’s your name?

A: Anthony.  What is your name?

I: Oh, (laughs), Isaac.

A: Isaac.  That’s a good.  It’s from Bible, right?

I: I’m three. (Holds up three fingers.

A: Oh, really? (He has to move on.

I (to us): He is nice.  He’s my best friend.


I to A: You’re my best friend.

A: Oh, I can be your friend.

It’s a little more embarrassing when he decides he needs to ask the other person’s age and sometime he busts out crazy stories.  At the toy store, to the cashier:

I: This is an owl.   He says “whooo-whooo.  Last night there was an owl on my house.  We went an saw it.

Cashier: Was it big?

I: Oh no.  It was just little.  He flew away because a car came.

Isaac can now play games and do puzzles and draw a face.  He loves to trace letters, especially his name and can sometimes, if he is in the right mood, write out his name without help.  He is “potty-trained,” including the night.  We have accidents from time to time, but that is going to happen anytime you have a kid.

His Loves:

  • Toys: cars, trains, airplanes, helicopters and fire engines.
  • Movies/Shows: WordWorld, Cars, Cars 2, Jungle Book, Rio, A Bug’s Life and Veggie Tales Little Drummer Boy.
  • Songs: Party Rock, Wheels on the Bus, This is the Day and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.
  • Books: Big Hungry Bear, his Cars Learning to Read Books, pretty much anything he can get his hands on.
  • Food: Meat (meatballs & pork), cereal, yogurt and cheese.

But it’s not all fun.  I’ve always believed threes to be the worst age and while I love the conversations I can have with Isaac, this is definitely a trying stage.  He is so demanding and emotional.  He has this, “It’s too hard” attitude about things and just drives me crazy.  He is also sneaky, in my face and just plain mean sometimes.   And a lot of this revolves around his thumb sucking.  We are trying to encourage him not to suck his thumb by reminding him when he is doing it and saying he can only suck his thumb in his bed.  This reminder almost always leads to a fit, yelling and/or being sneaky and he sucks his thumb ALL-THE-TIME!

I really do love this kid.  The way he thinks up games and activities to keep his grandma involved in hours of play.  His thoughtfulness in wanting to know if people are feeling okay or happy.  His willingness to do things he really doesn’t want to (like to go nap).  His cute “Dudes.” His spontaneous high-fives, hugs and kisses.  The way he calls everyone his “best friend” and uses it to get us to do what he wants.  It really is amazing to watch a child grow.  To see your impact on them and how their little personalities develop.


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