Oh My!

I’ve been working on organizing all my digital stuff…music, photos and videos. I got my first digital camera in 2003…shortly there after my parents got me a video camera (mini-DVD) for my birthday. I’ve converted most of my mini-DVD’s to .mov formats, which is great because I used to switch out discs and the dates for discs can span five years or be all in one setting. It’s nice to get them organized.

Today, I ran across this video:

This was my 23rd birthday…I know, I know….so exciting! I had friends to my parents house and we played Taboo. What amazed me was how darn skinny I was. I know I’ve heard people who complained about their weight and I couldn’t fathom what they were talking about. But let me tell you…at the time this video was taken I was doing weight watchers because I thought I was fat. I rarely talked about my weight, so I doubt that many people knew I saw myself this way.

This video was taken about a month before Zach proposed and about five months before we got married. I remember walking into Victoria Secret wanting some new stuff and insisting I needed a large. The sales rep looked at me wide-eyed and said, “oh, I don’t think so. I’m sure a small will fit.” Guess what it did, though I still went with the medium. I think I had this whole complex about the way I really looked.

About a week ago I found an old notebook. It was filled with my daily goals, weight and measurements from way back in 2003 (funny how things come up around the same time). Anyway, I weighed a whopping 128 pounds! (And I guarantee I wouldn’t have told you that back then.)

Today, some people would look at me and think, “she’s not overweight.” But I am. According to my BMI, I’m just slightly overweight. I feel it. Even in the last couple of months I’ve put on some weight (darn birthday, thanksgiving, christmas and Isaac’s birthday all being crammed together) and I want it to go away.

Would I like to be 128 pounds again? Heck, yes! But I’d also be quite happy to be 140 pounds. I’ve joined Weigh and Win (if you are in Colorado and looking to lose weight, you should too. Get a little money for your work.) and I’m trying to get back to where I was last year when I was losing weight (most of which I’ve gained back). Maybe if I just watch this video when I’m feeling like some sweets, I’ll be able to get the motivation and will-power I so desperately need. 🙂


One thought on “Oh My!

  1. That’s so crazy Jenn. I remember this birthday so well. Haha to think that I am two years older then you were then. Crazy stuff

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