Kids say

I haven’t done a kids say in a while and there are so many conversations I with Isaac I wish I could just freeze in time.  We really have a chatterbox on our hands and since today marks him being three years and one month old, I think it’s fitting to write a bit about his conversations.

Yesterday I was downstairs at the kitchen table reading.  Zach was upstairs reading (a first in our house, that we are both reading).  Isaac comes stomping down stairs and says, “I asked Daddy to read all my book, but he said no.  He only wants to read his book.”  He goes to a stool and starts pulling it to the counter.  “I’m going to use this stool to see if there is any candy on the counter.”  He pulls the stool around and climbs up on it and carefully searches the counter (all that is there are dirty dishes and a hand mixer).  He lifts up various items, careful to put them down in the same place.  From his high vantage point, he begins to look around the rest of the kitchen and then the table.  He sees me looking at him and smiles.  “Nope, no candy.”  He climbs down and goes on his way.

Isaac loves to listen to music and watch music videos on the iPod/iPhone.  He will readily tell you his favorite song is “Party Rock” and he can even sing to parts of it, but that is because he likes to dance with us to it.

What amazes me is his true ability to remember words.  There is this one song about a Red race horse that has like four different verses and he can sing most of them without the music.  And of course, it’s always fun to find him twirling in a room singing “fishers of men, fishers of men” or hear him downstairs eating snack signing VeggieTales Intro and “red and yellow mixed together make the color orange.  blue and brown mixed together make the color green….”  This last song he only really knows the red and yellow make orange part, so he just throws random colors in in the other places.

Today, Isaac was coloring on his easel as I was working.  He was very attament that he wanted to make “I’s” and sure enough the paper was soon full of orange I’s, big ones, little ones, all sorts of I’s.  I tried to get him to make and S or A or C, but he said S’s were too hard and tried a few A’s.  The problem was he critiques himself too much.  “That’s not a good I.” or “I think that’s a really good one.”  So funny to watch him analyze himself, but he was convinced his A’s were no good, so returned to making I’s (continuing with his critique.)

A few problem areas we’ve run into lately:

  • Isaac insists on saying “fook it” instead of “look it.”  And he used to say it right.
  • Isaac has started saying, “what the heck is that?” or “why the heck?”  I guess it’s better than bad words and it is quite cute coming out of his mouth, but sounds just wrong too.



Love in the Mountains

I work with people from all over the country and when they learn I’m from Denver, they always assume that means I live in the mountains.  Now, I don’t live in Denver proper, but a suburb.  But Denver is also not “in” the mountains.  In fact, it’s on the plains, a little further west you have the foothills and then you get to the towering Rocky Mountains.  Wide open spaces have surrounded me for most of my life.  Okay, yes, I’ve always lived in a nice little suburban neighborhood, but fields are far closer than the city.

We live East…high up on the plains, or rather the rolling plains.  A top of the hills we have some amazing views, far more amazing than most of the place in Colorado.  Yesterday, we drove into the city.  It had recently snowed, so the mountains were white topped peaks in the distance, the sun shone brightly and the sky was bright blue.  These are my favorite days.  I can’t help but be drawn to the beauty and majesty of the mountains running the entire length of the Western horizon.  As we drove closer to the city, the view changed.  The mountains got bigger, but lost some of the amazing-ness…we could see more details in the foothills, but the view of the bigger mountains is stunted with these huge hills being so close.  I told Zach, so many people in Denver miss out on the true beauty of these mountains, they look far better out where we live.  Zach told me I need to go take some pictures, but the camera can never get even a fraction of the beauty, majesty and scope.

Today we were stopped at a light on top of one of our eastern hills.  Directly in front of us was a beautiful view of Pike’s Peak, to the right, as far as we could see, down our car and out the back window were the rest of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, snow-capped under a grey sky.   A few moments later, the clouds over the mountains opened up to allow the sun through.  The peaks, glowed under the grey sky.   It always amazes me.  It never gets old.

My sister moved away several years ago.  She now lives on the ocean, no mountain peaks to view daily.  When she was visiting last year, we were driving around and she said, “Oh, wow!  The mountains are beautiful.  I must have always taken them for granted and not paid attention.”  Now, she had seen the mountains, she knew they were gorgeous, but it’s so easy to lose the breath-taking wonder when you see it everyday.

The mountains speak God’s love to me.  Every time I see them, I’m reminded of his grace.  It is rare that I don’t notice them, I’ve always been filled with wonder when I see them.  I love the little sneaking peek I get of them from my kitchen window, especially as I’m cooking dinner and the sun it blazing beautiful oranges, pinks and purples across the sky.  It brings a smile to my face – God saying, “I love you!”

And he’s three!

We are now the proud parents of a three-year-old.  I don’t know quite how this happened.  It’s so cliche but it seems like yesterday he was born and yet I can’t imagine him not being here.

A year ago I had to be his translator.  It worked well.  I was around him all the time, so even if he left out parts, I knew what he meant – I was there.  Today, no translator is required.  He is quite happy to talk to complete strangers.  To a busboy at a restaurant the other night:

I: What’s your name?

A: Anthony.  What is your name?

I: Oh, (laughs), Isaac.

A: Isaac.  That’s a good.  It’s from Bible, right?

I: I’m three. (Holds up three fingers.

A: Oh, really? (He has to move on.

I (to us): He is nice.  He’s my best friend.


I to A: You’re my best friend.

A: Oh, I can be your friend.

It’s a little more embarrassing when he decides he needs to ask the other person’s age and sometime he busts out crazy stories.  At the toy store, to the cashier:

I: This is an owl.   He says “whooo-whooo.  Last night there was an owl on my house.  We went an saw it.

Cashier: Was it big?

I: Oh no.  It was just little.  He flew away because a car came.

Isaac can now play games and do puzzles and draw a face.  He loves to trace letters, especially his name and can sometimes, if he is in the right mood, write out his name without help.  He is “potty-trained,” including the night.  We have accidents from time to time, but that is going to happen anytime you have a kid.

His Loves:

  • Toys: cars, trains, airplanes, helicopters and fire engines.
  • Movies/Shows: WordWorld, Cars, Cars 2, Jungle Book, Rio, A Bug’s Life and Veggie Tales Little Drummer Boy.
  • Songs: Party Rock, Wheels on the Bus, This is the Day and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.
  • Books: Big Hungry Bear, his Cars Learning to Read Books, pretty much anything he can get his hands on.
  • Food: Meat (meatballs & pork), cereal, yogurt and cheese.

But it’s not all fun.  I’ve always believed threes to be the worst age and while I love the conversations I can have with Isaac, this is definitely a trying stage.  He is so demanding and emotional.  He has this, “It’s too hard” attitude about things and just drives me crazy.  He is also sneaky, in my face and just plain mean sometimes.   And a lot of this revolves around his thumb sucking.  We are trying to encourage him not to suck his thumb by reminding him when he is doing it and saying he can only suck his thumb in his bed.  This reminder almost always leads to a fit, yelling and/or being sneaky and he sucks his thumb ALL-THE-TIME!

I really do love this kid.  The way he thinks up games and activities to keep his grandma involved in hours of play.  His thoughtfulness in wanting to know if people are feeling okay or happy.  His willingness to do things he really doesn’t want to (like to go nap).  His cute “Dudes.” His spontaneous high-fives, hugs and kisses.  The way he calls everyone his “best friend” and uses it to get us to do what he wants.  It really is amazing to watch a child grow.  To see your impact on them and how their little personalities develop.

Oh My!

I’ve been working on organizing all my digital stuff…music, photos and videos. I got my first digital camera in 2003…shortly there after my parents got me a video camera (mini-DVD) for my birthday. I’ve converted most of my mini-DVD’s to .mov formats, which is great because I used to switch out discs and the dates for discs can span five years or be all in one setting. It’s nice to get them organized.

Today, I ran across this video:

This was my 23rd birthday…I know, I know….so exciting! I had friends to my parents house and we played Taboo. What amazed me was how darn skinny I was. I know I’ve heard people who complained about their weight and I couldn’t fathom what they were talking about. But let me tell you…at the time this video was taken I was doing weight watchers because I thought I was fat. I rarely talked about my weight, so I doubt that many people knew I saw myself this way.

This video was taken about a month before Zach proposed and about five months before we got married. I remember walking into Victoria Secret wanting some new stuff and insisting I needed a large. The sales rep looked at me wide-eyed and said, “oh, I don’t think so. I’m sure a small will fit.” Guess what it did, though I still went with the medium. I think I had this whole complex about the way I really looked.

About a week ago I found an old notebook. It was filled with my daily goals, weight and measurements from way back in 2003 (funny how things come up around the same time). Anyway, I weighed a whopping 128 pounds! (And I guarantee I wouldn’t have told you that back then.)

Today, some people would look at me and think, “she’s not overweight.” But I am. According to my BMI, I’m just slightly overweight. I feel it. Even in the last couple of months I’ve put on some weight (darn birthday, thanksgiving, christmas and Isaac’s birthday all being crammed together) and I want it to go away.

Would I like to be 128 pounds again? Heck, yes! But I’d also be quite happy to be 140 pounds. I’ve joined Weigh and Win (if you are in Colorado and looking to lose weight, you should too. Get a little money for your work.) and I’m trying to get back to where I was last year when I was losing weight (most of which I’ve gained back). Maybe if I just watch this video when I’m feeling like some sweets, I’ll be able to get the motivation and will-power I so desperately need. 🙂

A Fresh Day

How is it that I fall apart at the end of the year?  All my drive and motivation falls out the window.  And then, the new year come around and everything seems so fresh…like I can do anything?  It’s only a new day.  The same as any other day.

Last year I planned to:

  • Read 50 books.  In December, I changed it to 40 and even then I cheated a bit with a book I determined I’m never going to read, some books I’ve read to Isaac and one I finished this morning.  40 books…that was better than my, umm…less than 10 the year before. 🙂
  • To blog every day.  I made this for the first half of the year.  Then it seemed I was writing about nothing and so I took a break…and then more breaks….but I still blogged a lot.
  • Take a picture everyday.  Much like blogging, this one didn’t get 100% completed, but I have plenty to show for the year.  I’m not finished with getting all my photos in order.  It’ll be interesting to look through the final listing.  Maybe I’ll even print a photobook.

Last year, I lost 10 pound in the first three months, but never really made it beyond that.  How I wish I would have.

We started the year with Zach student teaching and rarely seeing him and we ended it spending lots and lots of time together as a family.

This year, I have goals.  I’ve never been much to write my goals down or share them with others, so this is a bit different for me.  

My 2012 List:

  1. Find a church and attend regularly.
  2. Eat out less than four times a month (not including vacations where anything goes).
  3. Be active daily and do a true workout three times a week.
  4. Bake bread once a week.
  5. Read 50 books (including reading to chapter books to Isaac before bed).
  6. Enter and compete in one race.
  7. Blog at least once a week.
  8. Post a photo to Instagram daily.

These are the things for me.  It’s so easy for me to get lost in Mom, Wife and Work Worlds and forget about taking care of and doing things for myself.  Are there things on this list that will impact my family for the better as well?  Absolutely, but they are on this list purely for selfish reasons.

Let’s see what God has in store for us in 2012.