Kids Say Sunday

We were driving in Arizona. They have lots of middle turn lanes.
Jenn: You are going to just have to turn into that lane and wait for an opening.
Zach: I know. I just hate doing that.
Isaac: Daddy, we don’t say hate.
Zach: I’m sorry.
Crossing the street, me holding on for dear life as a car whizzes by.
Zach: That’s why I hate these.
Zach: I don’t like these. Is that better?
Isaac: Yeah. (goes back to sucking his thumb.)

Isaac: Stop it! (said firmly as he looks in my eyes).
Me: Stop what?
Isaac: Yelling at me.
Me (calmer): Okay, then stop doing what I asked you not to.
Isaac: Okay.

Isaac: We don’t say that, Mommy. We don’t say Hate.
Me: I know. I’m sorry.
Isaac: Me too. I forgive you.


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