A Day for Mom

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

A flicker of confusion falls to her face, “is it Mother’s Day too?”

“Nope. Just the day you became a mother 31 years ago.”

The smile returns, “You’re right. How clever of you.”

I wasn’t being “clever,” but it dawned on me on Isaac’s birthday that birthdays are more than just for the person who has them…they are just as important for Mom and Dad. It’s the day their whole lives changed.


And so today, on the first day of my 31st year of life, I plan to spend some time with my family.


Kids Say Sunday

We were driving in Arizona. They have lots of middle turn lanes.
Jenn: You are going to just have to turn into that lane and wait for an opening.
Zach: I know. I just hate doing that.
Isaac: Daddy, we don’t say hate.
Zach: I’m sorry.
Crossing the street, me holding on for dear life as a car whizzes by.
Zach: That’s why I hate these.
Zach: I don’t like these. Is that better?
Isaac: Yeah. (goes back to sucking his thumb.)

Isaac: Stop it! (said firmly as he looks in my eyes).
Me: Stop what?
Isaac: Yelling at me.
Me (calmer): Okay, then stop doing what I asked you not to.
Isaac: Okay.

Isaac: We don’t say that, Mommy. We don’t say Hate.
Me: I know. I’m sorry.
Isaac: Me too. I forgive you.

Lessons in the Bathroom

I’m in a much better mood today. Prayer, writing, a good ol’ cry and some B-vitamins can do that to you I suppose.

I’m enjoying my kid today. Sometimes I wonder if God gives us children to give us a little understanding of our relationships with him.

I was sitting in the bathroom today (I know, probably TMI, but reality) and Isaac slowly moved in with his cars. Sitting on the rug with his back to me just playing. I sat in wonder. I’ve noticed that he flutters around where ever we are, he just wants to be in our presence.

I finish my business and go to the office to turn off my computer. He quickly grabs all his cars in his arms running after me, “Are you going to stay here?”

“No, I’m going downstairs.”

“Okay.” As he follows me, cars in tow, to the stairs.

We only have bathrooms on the top floor of our house. This has made potty-learning a bit of a challenge at times, as we’ve had to run up two flights of stairs. I’ve been noticing recently that Isaac will be dancing around because he really has to go pee, but doesn’t want to go upstairs by himself. I have to remind him to go and after a request or two he will.

Last night we were hanging out in our bedroom. As the nights are cooler, we migrate up there earlier and earlier. We were watching “Dancing with the Stars” and Isaac was jumping around the bed, snuggling and dancing. Things got quiet and I noticed Isaac was in the bathroom. I could see him push the stool over to the toilet in the mirror. A few seconds later I could hear him peeing. What proud moment…watching your son recognize what his body was telling him and do something about it without needing the assistance of an adult, whether as moral support or physical support. I know this wouldn’t have happened if the bathroom wasn’t so close to where we were hanging out.

I love that my kid wants to be with me. I know as he gets older, he will probably want to be around me less and less, but I pray the don’t dwindle to nothing.

I miss

Once upon a time I went to school…I had friends, we talked, hung out, laughed.
Once upon a time I lived at home…hours upon hours were spent talking, hanging out.
Once upon a time I went to church…I had friends, we talked, hung out, laughed.
Once upon a time I worked in an office…hours upon hours were spent talking, hanging out.
Once upon a time I worked in a school…HOUR upon HOURS were spent talking, hanging out.

I miss the talking. I’ve created my own problem. I hate talking on the phone, but since I work from home, it limits my interactions. Yep, I spend hours and hours with my computer, grumbling to my dogs. I spend many moments consulting an almost three year old who questions everything. And I spend a few minutes chatting with my husband. Yep, that is my day and today it feels pretty lonely. I don’t really get to talk and have a conversation, hear others perspectives and tell them mine. And on the off chance that it does happen, it is layered with the distraction of kids. I miss the talking…communicating.