A Season for…

We are visiting friends and family in Arizona. We left after work on Friday and arrived early Saturday morning. You know how kids are supposed to ask, “Are we there yet?” Well, Isaac never asked that, but he did ask all the time, “Are we going to Arizona?” I guess it is about the same concept. Pretty funny.

We are staying with our dear neighbors who used to live across the street from us. Isaac and Addison have been having a grand ol’ time getting to know each other again and playing.

Our second purpose in coming down here was to see my grandparents. This trip has been planned for several weeks, but last week Grandpa was put into a hospice care facility. He is doing better now and will be released at the end of the week, but for our visit we have to go see him there.

It’s a bit sad. I would have loved to see him at his house. Let Isaac run around and get comfortable and really show off his personality. As it is, we have to keep telling Isaac to settle down, not to touch things, to be gentle and careful……..BUT, I’m hoping Isaac’s smile and laughter is helping Grandpa’s spirits and making his mundane days a little more enjoyable. Today, Isaac “tickled” Grandpa’s feet and Grandpa gave the exaggerated “oh that tickles” reaction. Isaac loved it, so it became a game. Isaac also gave hugs and kisses and sang Grandpa “ABCs”.

He also had some bounding time with Grandma. Grandma is in an understandable state of panic. I think they had both planned/hoped they would just die peacefully at home and would never have to go into assisted living, but Grandpa at 95 years old, can’t walk, but is still very much alert and alive.

Anyway, I think Isaac was the perfect distraction for her. She loved on him, gave him rides on her walker, shared grapes, asked him questions. You could tell she was super happy to have him around. Maybe this way all God’s will. Maybe? Duh! Of course it was.

Grandma said something today that I have to write down. She has always been a bitter, unloving (at least in appearance) person. Her kids haven’t really had great things to say about her. Today, as Isaac played and danced around the room, she looked at him and said, “When my kids were younger I thought that it was important to keep them clean and the house clean. But in my old age, I’ve learned that this is what matters (gestures to Isaac), just teaching and loving them.” I guess that means she thinks we are good parents. It was quite the thing to hear from her.

We spent nap time at “new” Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Isaac thought it was the best ever…and we ended up leaving with a rock from their front yard (negotiated down from the two handfuls he had). Later Grandpa told him he could have as many as he wanted.

I’m ending this day with a weird feeling. I feel like our society doesn’t put enough emphasis on being a family and taking care of each other. As a granddaughter, I want to do more to help my grandparents in this time or turmoil, but I also feel like there is this line I can’t cross. My grandparents are independent, they have four living, married children, ten grandchildren (most of whom are married), and five plus great grandchildren, so why is it that they are having to suffer through the last of this life alone?

I’m praying for peace for them. I’m praying for love and understanding from all the family that they’ve hurt over the years. I’m praying that Grandpa is well enough to move back to Colorado – the state he loves, the place where most of his children live.


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