Kids Say Sunday

Isaac: Did you see that bee?!?! (said with amazement)
Zach: That wasn’t a bee. That’s Tinker Bell.

Isaac: Maya Rose is my friend. Not the purple girl. She’s a BRAT.
(Maybe Mommy needs to watch what she saids 🙂 Although the girl was a brat)

Isaac: “I,” (as he points to it), that’s my first letter. (pause) What’s Liam’s letter?
Me: Liam’s first letter is “L.”
Isaac: And Jessica’s?
Me: Jessica’s is “J.”
Isaac: Hmm. What’s Finn’s?
Me: “F.”
Isaac: Oh, does Finn like “F”?
Me: I don’t know, probably.
Isaac: “L” is for Liam. “L” is for lion…rrraaaarrr.

Me: Are you my snuggle bug?
Isaac: Yes…
Me: You can’t be. You aren’t snuggling.
Isaac: I’m a rollie-pollie!


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