Hair Cut

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember several months back I said I wasn’t cutting my hair until one of two things happened. Well, neither happened and yet I cut my hair.

I’ve been feeling pretty down about myself lately and my hair wasn’t helping. I decided to give it a trim to remove some of the split-ends and make it a bit more manageable.

Once I made the decision, I had a complete panic attack. Somehow, over the last year I’ve become very attached to my hair. I couldn’t sleep, so I decided there was no waiting. Well, I did wait until I could get a professional to cut it.

I think part of the reason I was so emotional about getting my hair cut is because when I was pregnant with Isaac, my hair grew in a shade darker. After he was born it returned to its normal color, so I had this strip around my head that was from my pregnancy…it was kinda sad to lose it.

But…it’s been a week and a half and I love my hair. I can now brush it myself (I was having Zach do it). It doesn’t get knotted in a ponytail. I can do it and the next day or two it still looks great.

Please ignore the horrible lighting and photo quality, I just asked Zach to quickly take them with his phone for documentation purposes. About 4 inches or more gone…so not too much…it’s still long. 🙂


One thought on “Hair Cut

  1. I love your need haircut! And the rest will happen when it is meant to… you are such wonderful people with such love to share. We miss you!

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