Kids Say Sunday

I haven’t been too good this week about writing down the things Isaac has sad that are funny…so hear it goes from memory.

Last week we were at the zoo.  A kid was walking around with a Nemo backpack leash.  I pointed it out to Isaac.  His response, “Silly boy.  You’re not a dog!”

Isaac was giving me a hug, when he noticed my bra strap hanging out.  It had a bow on it and he said, “Look at your soft!”

Me: You like it?
Isaac: Yes, it’s pretty, pink and stuff.

“ANSWER MY ANSWER!” – anytime someone isn’t paying attention.

A conversations between Daddy and Isaac on the way home from school:
Isaac: Mommy doesn’t feel good. We should get her a burrito to make her feel better.
Daddy: What?
Isaac: And I want a corn dog.
Ahh…the boy wants Sonic. 🙂


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