Kids Say

Isaac: Daddy, do you like salad?
Zach: Yes, sometimes I do.
Isaac: Hmmm. Mommy, do you like salad?
Me: Yes.
Zach: Do you like salad?
Isaac: NO! I like food.

Me: Isaac, why are you sucking your thumb?
Isaac: Because I need to soft this. (Or “I’m softing.” Always said as he is touching something smooth or silky.)

Isaac: What’s that? (Pointing to the counter)
Me: That’s butter.
Isaac: No, that yellow and blue thing.
Me: That’s butter.
Zach: It’s spray spray.
Me: Yes, it’s spray, spray butter.
Isaac, scrunching up his face: But, I don’t…(pause)…understand.
Me: I’ll show you. (I spray some on his veggies).
Isaac: Oh.

Not really a “kids say,” but the other morning I needed to wake Isaac up. I’m trying to find a way that works and isn’t horrible for either one of us. This morning I decided to turn on Veggie Tales’ version of This is the Day. Isaac kept his eyes closed and thumb in his mouth for a bit, slowly he started bobbing his head…then singing…then circling his arms like wheels on the bus…but he never opened his eyes. I tried to get it on camera, but when he realized that, he went back to just sucking his thumb with his eyes closed and bobbing his head.


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