A Season for…

We are visiting friends and family in Arizona. We left after work on Friday and arrived early Saturday morning. You know how kids are supposed to ask, “Are we there yet?” Well, Isaac never asked that, but he did ask all the time, “Are we going to Arizona?” I guess it is about the same concept. Pretty funny.

We are staying with our dear neighbors who used to live across the street from us. Isaac and Addison have been having a grand ol’ time getting to know each other again and playing.

Our second purpose in coming down here was to see my grandparents. This trip has been planned for several weeks, but last week Grandpa was put into a hospice care facility. He is doing better now and will be released at the end of the week, but for our visit we have to go see him there.

It’s a bit sad. I would have loved to see him at his house. Let Isaac run around and get comfortable and really show off his personality. As it is, we have to keep telling Isaac to settle down, not to touch things, to be gentle and careful……..BUT, I’m hoping Isaac’s smile and laughter is helping Grandpa’s spirits and making his mundane days a little more enjoyable. Today, Isaac “tickled” Grandpa’s feet and Grandpa gave the exaggerated “oh that tickles” reaction. Isaac loved it, so it became a game. Isaac also gave hugs and kisses and sang Grandpa “ABCs”.

He also had some bounding time with Grandma. Grandma is in an understandable state of panic. I think they had both planned/hoped they would just die peacefully at home and would never have to go into assisted living, but Grandpa at 95 years old, can’t walk, but is still very much alert and alive.

Anyway, I think Isaac was the perfect distraction for her. She loved on him, gave him rides on her walker, shared grapes, asked him questions. You could tell she was super happy to have him around. Maybe this way all God’s will. Maybe? Duh! Of course it was.

Grandma said something today that I have to write down. She has always been a bitter, unloving (at least in appearance) person. Her kids haven’t really had great things to say about her. Today, as Isaac played and danced around the room, she looked at him and said, “When my kids were younger I thought that it was important to keep them clean and the house clean. But in my old age, I’ve learned that this is what matters (gestures to Isaac), just teaching and loving them.” I guess that means she thinks we are good parents. It was quite the thing to hear from her.

We spent nap time at “new” Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Isaac thought it was the best ever…and we ended up leaving with a rock from their front yard (negotiated down from the two handfuls he had). Later Grandpa told him he could have as many as he wanted.

I’m ending this day with a weird feeling. I feel like our society doesn’t put enough emphasis on being a family and taking care of each other. As a granddaughter, I want to do more to help my grandparents in this time or turmoil, but I also feel like there is this line I can’t cross. My grandparents are independent, they have four living, married children, ten grandchildren (most of whom are married), and five plus great grandchildren, so why is it that they are having to suffer through the last of this life alone?

I’m praying for peace for them. I’m praying for love and understanding from all the family that they’ve hurt over the years. I’m praying that Grandpa is well enough to move back to Colorado – the state he loves, the place where most of his children live.


Kids Say Sunday

Isaac: Did you see that bee?!?! (said with amazement)
Zach: That wasn’t a bee. That’s Tinker Bell.

Isaac: Maya Rose is my friend. Not the purple girl. She’s a BRAT.
(Maybe Mommy needs to watch what she saids 🙂 Although the girl was a brat)

Isaac: “I,” (as he points to it), that’s my first letter. (pause) What’s Liam’s letter?
Me: Liam’s first letter is “L.”
Isaac: And Jessica’s?
Me: Jessica’s is “J.”
Isaac: Hmm. What’s Finn’s?
Me: “F.”
Isaac: Oh, does Finn like “F”?
Me: I don’t know, probably.
Isaac: “L” is for Liam. “L” is for lion…rrraaaarrr.

Me: Are you my snuggle bug?
Isaac: Yes…
Me: You can’t be. You aren’t snuggling.
Isaac: I’m a rollie-pollie!

Hair Cut

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember several months back I said I wasn’t cutting my hair until one of two things happened. Well, neither happened and yet I cut my hair.

I’ve been feeling pretty down about myself lately and my hair wasn’t helping. I decided to give it a trim to remove some of the split-ends and make it a bit more manageable.

Once I made the decision, I had a complete panic attack. Somehow, over the last year I’ve become very attached to my hair. I couldn’t sleep, so I decided there was no waiting. Well, I did wait until I could get a professional to cut it.

I think part of the reason I was so emotional about getting my hair cut is because when I was pregnant with Isaac, my hair grew in a shade darker. After he was born it returned to its normal color, so I had this strip around my head that was from my pregnancy…it was kinda sad to lose it.

But…it’s been a week and a half and I love my hair. I can now brush it myself (I was having Zach do it). It doesn’t get knotted in a ponytail. I can do it and the next day or two it still looks great.

Please ignore the horrible lighting and photo quality, I just asked Zach to quickly take them with his phone for documentation purposes. About 4 inches or more gone…so not too much…it’s still long. 🙂

Kids Say Sunday

I haven’t been too good this week about writing down the things Isaac has sad that are funny…so hear it goes from memory.

Last week we were at the zoo.  A kid was walking around with a Nemo backpack leash.  I pointed it out to Isaac.  His response, “Silly boy.  You’re not a dog!”

Isaac was giving me a hug, when he noticed my bra strap hanging out.  It had a bow on it and he said, “Look at your soft!”

Me: You like it?
Isaac: Yes, it’s pretty, pink and stuff.

“ANSWER MY ANSWER!” – anytime someone isn’t paying attention.

A conversations between Daddy and Isaac on the way home from school:
Isaac: Mommy doesn’t feel good. We should get her a burrito to make her feel better.
Daddy: What?
Isaac: And I want a corn dog.
Ahh…the boy wants Sonic. 🙂

We May Be a Little Crazy

When we got married seven and a half years ago, I liked a band called Switchfoot. They weren’t my favorite band, but I’d been listening to them since their first album eight years before. Zach knew nothing about them. Today, they are our favorite band. I’m sure there are some bands Zach may like more, but 9 out of 10 you’ll find us listening to them.

Zach likes lyrics. He doesn’t pick songs because of how catchy they are or if they have a good beat. He likes a song that makes you think, a song that goes a little deeper than what it seems like on the surface. Jon Foreman write these types of songs…songs that Zach and I sit and discuss.

And then there was the concert Stacy and I attended in 2005. Switchfoot puts on an amazing concert, has amazing, friendly fans, and are themselves amazing and friendly with the fans. The next time they were in town, we insisted on going. And then the next time, but that didn’t turn out so good, well, until after the concert. As you can see…we like to see them in concert. In fact, last year, at this time, I flew out to Virginia to visit Stacy and go to a Switchfoot concert out there.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that when we heard they were coming back through Colorado, Zach and I wanted to go. Unfortunately, we didn’t get our act together and find a babysitter and buy tickets before they sold out. We were pretty bummed, especially because they just came out with Vices Verses.

Jon Foreman is known to have “aftershows,” a free acoustic session somewhere around the venue after the concert. Although the first ones we went to were spontaneous, they’ve become the norm and he generally announces the place on Twitter just after the show. At some point during the week, we realized the concert was on a Friday and it would be so doable to at least go to the aftershow.

After work yesterday, after dinner, after grocery shopping, we packed up Isaac, made sure we had coats and headed out to Boulder. It was 10:30PM. Neither Zach nor I are familiar with Boulder. I’ve driven straight through a few times, Zach used to party there, but never drove and it was years, and years ago. We were a little skeptical about finding the place, but we drove right there. The tour buses were on the side and we found a parking space that gave us perfect viewing of both the buses and the theater. And immediately people started pouring out. Perfect timing…11:30PM.

Isaac had fallen asleep, so we woke him up and asked if he still wanted to see the guy play the guitar. He said, “Yes, but not yet, maybe later.” I cuddled him and suddenly, he was awake, yelling out the windows, “Hi everybody.” We got out of the car to wander a bit, saw Jon chatting, then he snuck away to the bus. It was cold outside, so we went back to the car and were contemplating leaving, when Jon tweeted…aftershow 10 min behind the theater…12:30AM.

We wandered over there. It was a parking garage and there was a crowd around the big semi they were packing. We started towards them and heard clapping, as Jon cut through the crowd and headed our direction with his guitar. He made eye contact, smiled. Saw Isaac and asked him his name. The crowd was pushing, we hung back. I began to fear we weren’t going to be able to see or hear or anything. Then Jon says, “I know it might be a bit strange, but please sit down.” Everyone sits.

It was an interesting, fun aftershow. A song was requested…Let that Be Enough…but Jon couldn’t remember it, what key or anything, but this kid that was there knew it and said he would play. So Jon put his guitar around this kid and sat down. Seeing Jon watch this kid play his song is exactly why we love him and his band. Below is a photo, Jon is sitting in front just to the right of the guy in the red hoodie, the look on his face says it all.

Isaac sat like a good boy. He was very interested in everyone around, he wanted to be like them and insisted on sitting on the ground cross-legged with his hands in his lap a few time and he loved clapping at the end of each song.

Jon had a few other guests…Sleeping at Last and Five Iron Frenzy. And then finished off chatting and singing some songs for us…two of my favorites ended it…Only Hope and Your Love is Strong. 1:30AM.

Back to the car for the long ride home with sleepy eyes and smiles on our faces. Isaac made it about 30 minutes before he crashed and somehow I managed to make it all the way home. Isaac was in comfy clothes, so we just put him in bed and crashed ourselves. 2:20AM.

Yes, we may have been the crazies that took their two year old to an aftershow at midnight on a Friday, but we are the crazies that have memories and smiles for all times.


Remember how a few weeks ago I went overboard in the online public library and ended up with 6 books? Well, my 21 days have passed and I listened to two audio books and read two books completely, there is a third book that I’m two chapters into and as of yet, my nook hasn’t figured out that it’s expired (although I’m already on the waiting list in case it doesn’t figure it out before I’m done). I feel pretty accomplished. I was afraid I wasn’t even going to get one read.

In other news, some of my links above have been updated. My Project 365 up-to-date and I’m working on updating my recipes, I’m going to try to add one a day until I run out, so check back often.

Kids Say

Isaac: Daddy, do you like salad?
Zach: Yes, sometimes I do.
Isaac: Hmmm. Mommy, do you like salad?
Me: Yes.
Zach: Do you like salad?
Isaac: NO! I like food.

Me: Isaac, why are you sucking your thumb?
Isaac: Because I need to soft this. (Or “I’m softing.” Always said as he is touching something smooth or silky.)

Isaac: What’s that? (Pointing to the counter)
Me: That’s butter.
Isaac: No, that yellow and blue thing.
Me: That’s butter.
Zach: It’s spray spray.
Me: Yes, it’s spray, spray butter.
Isaac, scrunching up his face: But, I don’t…(pause)…understand.
Me: I’ll show you. (I spray some on his veggies).
Isaac: Oh.

Not really a “kids say,” but the other morning I needed to wake Isaac up. I’m trying to find a way that works and isn’t horrible for either one of us. This morning I decided to turn on Veggie Tales’ version of This is the Day. Isaac kept his eyes closed and thumb in his mouth for a bit, slowly he started bobbing his head…then singing…then circling his arms like wheels on the bus…but he never opened his eyes. I tried to get it on camera, but when he realized that, he went back to just sucking his thumb with his eyes closed and bobbing his head.