The Things Kids Say

They always say kids say the darnest things.  And as kids start to communicate more, they really do say great things.  In an attempt to document some of the great things Isaac says, I’m going to try to do a weekly post on the funny conversations that have transpired.

We got Isaac an easel this weekend. Our office is so crowded and I was trying to give him an art space and remove the table that was taking up half the room. Zach was sitting in a chair and I was sitting on the floor and we were trying to show Isaac how it worked, but he wasn’t having it and walked out of the room. I asked him where he was going, “To get my chair. (pause) Duh!”

Recently Isaac has been taking action when his questions aren’t answered immediately, by yelling “Answer me now!” and if he can turning our faces to his.

At school, I ask Isaac who is friends are…as he looks around, “Not Gavin. Not Liam–there he is.” So I guess Gavin and Liam are his friends, he just didn’t see them. 🙂


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