Hanging On

Stop and smell the roses.

Enjoy the little things in life.

These are some of the biggest cliche we hear.  And man it’s easy to just get swept up in life…but today I’m hear to record one of my “little things.”

Zach and I rarely cook together anymore.  Before we had Isaac, I rarely cooked.  Zach cooked just to make sure we were both eating.  After Isaac, Zach was in school and I took on most of the cooking responsibility.  Now that Zach is done with school and our lives are getting back to the “usual,” things are slowing changing around our house.

Our kitchen is small.  Maybe one of the reasons we don’t cook together, but tonight, I had too much to do and asked Zach for a bit of help as I chopped our salad.  Zach was busy finishing up the hot food and needed something from a cupboard above me.  Somehow he indicated where he need access to and I leaned a bit to the side, as he leaned over me to reach for knifes or something.  Where I paused and focused was where is other hand ended up – lovingly, firmly, protectively on my waist.  It lingered longer than I expected.

Such and innocent, simple gesture.  One he probably isn’t even aware of…yet I felt extremely loved in that moment and just wanted to hang on.


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