Just Some Time

I’m having one of those days today.  One where I’m just a little on edge and quick to be mad.

It all started at work when one of my VPs asked me to change a ton in a report that took me a month to get perfect, so basically everything I did has to be scraped and I have to start again…another month long process.  And it is going to cause there to be some more places where I can make mistakes.  I hate modifying financials…too much room for error.

So, I decided for lunch I would go to the gym to work out my aggression.  I guess it didn’t work.  Or maybe my child not taking a nap just wore me down.

Zach is back to coming home in the middle of the day and I think it is throwing Isaac off as he hasn’t wanted to take naps this week…or as he said today, “I can’t.”  I tried to breathe and not yell at him (yesterday he informed Zach that I “screamed” at him, even though I didn’t).  I knew I needed to do something, when Isaac decided to come down and talk to me and chase the dogs in the middle of a business call.  I managed to get him upstairs for a few minutes.  When my call was over, I took a few deep breathes and asked Isaac to come see me.  He sat on the couch and I explained to him that when I’m talking on “this” phone, he can’t talk to me, or the dogs, or anyone.  I asked him if he understood, he said Yes.  I asked him a few clarifying questions and he answered correctly.

A few minutes later I picked up my work phone and called my Mom.  We talked for a few minutes and Isaac was silently playing.  When I got off the phone he asked immediately who I was talking too.  I called Zach little while later to practice again and again, he said nothing while I was on the phone, but was closely watching me, the second I hung up he wanted to know who I was talking to again.  We will keep practicing for the next few days.  I think he is old enough to understand being quiet at certain times and it will be a lot less stressful for me.

I feel all angry inside, but I think I handled this good.  Now, if I could just get him (Isaac) to understand that playing with water in the office isn’t a good idea…

In other news: we put Isaac on wait-list for a half-day, two day a week Christian preschool for two-year olds.  This type of program is pretty hard to find around here, but is perfect for our situation.  We got a call last week saying a spot opened up, so we went and signed him up.  We meet his teacher in a week and then he starts the next week.  I’ll drop him off in the morning and Zach will pick him up on his way home.  He is super excited to go to school and we are excited for him.


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