Sand Dunes

If you know me at all, you’ve probably heard about our yearly trip to the Sand Dunes.  We started going the summer after we got married and we’ve been pretty much every year since (with the exception of the summer after Isaac was born).

We try to get friends and such to come with us and are generally met with, “Why would you want to go there?  No motorized vehicles?  It can’t be fun.”  But the peace and quiet, the secludedness, the calmness, just can’t be beat.  Plus, put an adult in a giant sandbox and they turn into kids, building things, sifting sand, drawing and digging.  It really is a stress-relieving vacation.  Once we’ve convinced someone to join us, they generally do again.

Our trip this year was earlier this month.  We left on a Thursday, a bit later than we normally do, and enjoyed some geocaching along the way.  We drove through a massive storm and finally arrived at our destination 8 hours later (it’s a 4 hour trip).  We setup our tent site and did dinner over the campfire with some friends who were joining us.

The next day, we went in search of the creek, but for the first time in six trips, the creek was all dried up.  It was really pretty sad, I think Isaac and the other little boy would have really enjoyed it.  We spent our afternoon playing cards, making food and just hanging out.  Susie joined us later in the evening with Steve and our party was complete.

On Saturday, we kinda split up.  Our friends wanted to go to Alamosa and we were still in search of water and wanted to go on the “primitive road” that we’ve always avoided.  So Susie and Steve joined us for a bit, then escaped the heat, and Taylor and Emily’s crew went to Alamosa with the plan of maybe meeting up at Zapata Falls.  Somehow, four or more hours later we did arrive at Zapata within minutes of each other.  We had a great time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t drink enough water throughout the day and had a horrible headache when we arrived back at camp.  I drank some water and took a nap, but I never really recovered.  I just got worse and worse as the night grew on (and as I took advil and drank more water).  I ended up sleeping most of the evening and even woke up to throw up at one point.  After that, I felt better and by the next morning I would have never known I felt bad.

On Sunday we had a slow breakfast, pack up, play/hang out session with Susie and Steve and then we headed back to Denver (hitting a few geocaches along the way).  It was a great trip.  We enjoyed the sand, Isaac enjoyed the sand and somehow, even with our longest trip, I didn’t manage to get to everything I wanted…guess that’s why we will go back again next year. 🙂

After our trip, we were going through our photos and Isaac was talking about them.  After a while, I decided to record him.  Below is most of the photos narrated by Isaac.


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