So Old

Once upon a time I was 19.  I was boy crazy, but it never looked like I was going to find “the one.”  One of my really good friends was having a similar 19-year-old desperate for love situation.  We were talking on the phone one night and determined if we were both still single at 30 we would get married.

Thirty seemed like it was so far in the future.  And when you were 30 you were OLD.  And sure it was 11 years in the future, over half of the life we’d already lived, so in perspective, it makes sense.  But sitting here at 30, it doesn’t FEEL old, it feels young.

I look at my parents and my parents parents and that OLD…but maybe when I get there I’ll look back at this post and say….it doesn’t FEEL old, it feels young…if only my body didn’t hurt so much. 🙂

A few days ago I had some friends from high school over.  One of them I actually went to kindergarten with.  It was great to catch up.  It’s good to enjoy the old times and remember the past, but I’m really happy I don’t live it any more…I’m very happy right where I am.  I’m happy that I found Zach and that we have the best two year old I’ve ever known.  I love that we get questioned about everything and get to see the world through the innocences of his eyes.  I may always have been the innocent one growing up, but I lost that ability to just enjoy the simple things in life….like late night tickle events and morning snuggle session or the dolphin in the clouds.

I guess you could say, having a child makes you young again.  You see the world in a different more simple way…and being the smart person I am….I’m gonna hold on and enjoy it all I can.


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