2011 Road Trip – The End

Day 9:

From Tacoma we drove through the night, well Zach did.  At two AM we had a tour of Spokane (I’d always wanted to go to a college there) and even Isaac woke up.  It is near impossible to find a place to go to the bathroom at 2AM, so we had to get out of there and drive to a rest stop – thank goodness for those.  Isaac and I walked a bit and he talked so loudly about all the people sleeping in their cars…I’m sure he woke some of them up.  I still can’t get that kid to understand “quiet” and “whisper.”

After that I slept until about 7 when we got to Missoula.  We switched places, so Zach could get some rest.  I think he slept two, maybe three hours.   I was tired.  I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I stopped at an Albertson’s.  I sat in the car and slept, but after a while Isaac woke up and Zach dealt with that.  We ended up putting a blanket out on some grass under a tree and letting Isaac play cars, eat and relax.

Zach became the driver again and we decided we were going to camp in Wyoming.  For some reason, I didn’t have a problem staying awake when I wasn’t driving, so Zach and I continued to listen to Under the Dome by Stephen King and Isaac watched movies and dozed.

I found a RV Campground in Buffalo that looked good and would put us within six hours of home.  I was a little worried to camp at an RV place, but we needed to sleep.  When we got there, we found a nice grassy, creek area to put our tent, free wifi, a swimming pool and showers.  It was great.  After dinner, we took Isaac to the pool.  He was a little hesitant to get in, but once he did he had a blast.  They had a big two foot area, that Isaac could walk around in and he liked to try to run.  He went all the way under once and got a little scared, but recovered nicely.  He also liked to get out of the pool and jump into Daddy’s arms.  It was the first time Isaac had loved the pool.  Every other time we’ve taken him, he has been pretty scared of the whole thing.

We decided to leave the scream porch on the tent open and the rain fly off.  It almost felt like we were outside, minus the bugs.  And the ground wasn’t so hard like the other places we’d stayed. It was a great nights sleep.

Day 10:

In the morning, I drove…and drove…and drove.  We listened to the book again, but it really felt like we were getting no where – both in the book and on the road.  The only exciting thing that happened was when I deer snuck out on to the highway in front of me.  He was hiding in grass and just before he stepped on to the highway I saw his antlers.  Then of course he walked into the middle of the road and stopped in my lane.  Why, oh why, do deer thing that is a good idea.  I slammed on the break and prayed we’d stop…we were going 80MPH, but thankfully there were no cars around us.  We stopped within a few feet….he continued to stare for a few seconds and then walked to the other side of the road.  Freaked me out.  I shook for a while.

Near Cheyenne Zach took over driving and got us home.  Home Sweet Home.

We unpacked everything, started laundry and gave Isaac a bath.  I cooked rice and peas.  Isaac’s bowels are still messed up, so I’m hoping the rice will help.  And then we went through photos.  He was great to just let Isaac play and play he did.  He got lost in his bedroom for a long time and we didn’t have to worry that we’d lost him or that he was getting into anything.  We had a great trip, but it sure is good to be home – even if we came home to a gallon of dog hair on the floor.


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