2011 Road Trip – Day 8

Friday. The day we are were supposed to head back home. Our plan included stopping in Tacoma at the zoo with my cousin and having some seafood. Then heading our for a night of driving.

Unfortunately not all went as planned. Isaac woke crying in the early morning and we pulled him into bed with us. An hour or so later he was tossing and turning and whining. He finally said he needed to go poopy…but he already had, and not the healthy kind. Thankgoodness he was wearing a diaper! He said his tummy hurt and felt a little warm. Poor little guy!

A few hours later he seemed a bit better and we started packing up, but it was already after when we were supposed to leave. At that point I gave up on the zoo and good thing cause it still took four more hours to get out of there!

After we were packed we took Holden, Logan and DeDe out for what was supposed to be a quick geocache (so the boys would know what it was), of course it took longer than expected. Both boys found one though, so that made for a good experience for them. Isaac fell down on the trail and got a good scraped up bloody knee. Only calmed down when we asked him if he wanted to keep walking and he immediately stopped crying, but would whine anytime his knee was touched for the rest of the day.

We then had to get stocked up on stuff like ice and munchies and lunch for our trip back, so we stopped at Safeway followed with a trip to Swain’s to use a gift certificate Zach had gotten for his birthday. In the mist of these shopping trips we realized we needed to return to the house to get some things we forgot – guess you can’t remember everything he first time. Oh, I forgot to mention that Greg sent us home with a maple and some roses.

Finally on the road, four hours late, meant we missed the zoo, but we decided to still meet up with my cousin at Point Defiance Park. Guess what we did there? Geocached! And I took a lot of photos at the rose garden. We looked at the water and it’s crystal clear! I just can’t get over it! We saw a few dead jelly fish and three live ones.

We found a seafood restaurant on the pier and I even had fish! But the biggest surprise was that Isaac LOVES calamari.

We drove along the sound and said our goodbyes and headed out of town.


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