2011 Road Trip – Day 7

Hello from Tacoma!
That’s right this is a guest post from yours truly-Big Z! While your normal host drives us on our long trek home I will update you all on yesterday’s events. So on day 6 some of my family from California arrived. This group consisted of my 2nd cousin Andy, his girlfriend Jorge (Jordana is her real name-don’t ask me, I don’t get it!), and Andy’s sons-Wilder, Holden, and Logan. Big group of people to organize and move in a timely fashion like going on a hike to the Hoh Rainforest.
As you have probably guessed our goal for the day was to get up and all travel to the Hoh Rainforest which was easier said than done! DeDe spent hours it seemed making breakfast for everyone while everyone showered and got ready. Even after breakfast was done we were far from prepared. Jenn, Isaac, and I were ready but something was holding half of the group from being ready. While waiting, we decided to go look for a geocache near the house with Holden, Logan, and DeDe who may be the newest and most enthusiastic member of the geocaching community. After tromping through wet brush and taking about 30 minutes to do so without even coming close to the cache, we decided to head back and see if everyone was finally ready to go to the rainforest.
Miraculously everyone was ready and we started our drive to the rainforest. Along the way we drove by a place called Crescent Lake which was very beautiful with it’s clear blue water. Even more exciting was the next stop in the town of Forks.
Incase you don’t know (and don’t feel bad if you don’t-really), Forks is where the Twilight story takes place (only fictionally though). This fact alone has made this little logging town quite popular to adoring young women across the country and apparently they flock here in droves so that they might be able to feel some of the sparkly vampire on werewolf action that takes place there (fictionally). Well we stopped at a hamburger joint for a quick bite (pun intended) where you could order things like a Bella Burger and a Twilight Lemonade. I am sure the giggling tween girls taking pictures of themselves at the Welcome to Forks sign would soon find there way there! We soon got back on the road and passed a lodge where Bella’s red truck complete with a dent on the driver’s side (once again, if you don’t know what I am talking about-congratulations, make sure it stays that way!) sits. Apparently the town bought it from Hollywood or something. It was really amazing to see how this book series has caused such a craze for such a little town.
Eventually we made it into the Hoh Rainforest and were delayed in our drive by a pair of Elk roaming the sides of the road and eating. Everyone stopped to take photos, it was a real touristy moment straight out of the movies when everyone surrounds wildlife and takes thousands of pictures while the wildlife does something spectacular like lift its head. Anyway I was one of the gawkers and I am certain you will see the resulting photos before too long. It really was very cool!
Finally we made it to the trails. The rain-forests in the area are not your stereotypical tropical, Jaguar and Toucan filled, watch out for poison darts kind rain forest. These are more like trees that you typically see in the mountains but much, much, much bigger and completely covered in thick green moss that hangs down and creates this amazing curtain like feel. There are plants everywhere that seem like they were the type that dinosaurs were tromping around. And yes it rains there like all the time as it did off and on during our time there. It was an amazing sight that I think everyone should experience sometime. Giant slugs, nurse trees, and amazing views!
During this hike Isaac had a blast with his new friend Jorge! He did his best to stay with her and hold onto her and even pet her when he could (Ashley’s new competition!). He also fell in the mud a time or two and was very concerned about getting dirty but learned to use Daddy’s pants as a napkin so everything was ok.
After we were all quite satisfied with our hike, we got back into the cars and headed back home. Along the way Isaac sang us songs and kept us very entertained as Wilder slept and the rest of us snacked. We were all very tired as we got home and ate delicious hoagies and went to bed!
Another great day with DeDe and Greg!


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