2011 Road Trip – Day 6

Setting the alarm on vacation always seems wrong, but we wanted to be on the first ferry to Canada so it was a must. We had a quick bowl of cereal and DeDe drove us to the dock. It was a cold dreary day, so I was a little concerned to be out on the water, but it all worked out.

Zach and Isaac both rode free. What a fun way to celebrate your birthday. We arrived in Victoria about 10AM and it was dry.

Victoria is such a beautiful city-clean, flowers, well manicured gardens, water and the nicest people. We really just spend a few hours wandering around the city. Zach’s only requirement was to have a Canadian beer in Canada and a few geocaches. I was really amazed by the way all car stop for pedestrians no matter where you are. You don’t need to look, just walk on out and all cars, buses, etc. will stop. It was pretty amazing.

We returned home and had an evening cookout with DeDe and her son and grandsons from California that arrived just in time for dinner. Isaac found new friends and we had a bonfire.


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