2011 Road Trip – Day 4

July 11th. We woke early to beautiful blue skies above our heads. There really is something to waking up in nature (and not all hot a sweaty that can happen in a tent.). Isaac was still tired and grumpy, so we let him watch a movie while we packed up the tent.

Then we drove and drove. Isaac slept for a lot of the day, so we listened to our book. Isaac did ask the dreaded “why?” for the first time…and soon followed up with “how does that happen?” As in, “how does the rain fall on my white car?”. So thoughtful this little man of mine.

We arrived at our final destination only 30 minutes after my planned time. And we had a no accident day!

Isaac was so exited to arrive. He ran in circles. Ran down the path, swung on the swing, saw the chickens and met the dogs. The joy on his face was so evident. We had trouble convincing him to come in for dinner.

After a nice dinner we retired to the little cabin where we all snuggled in and slept in oh-so-comfy beds.


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