2011 Road Trip – Day 3

Yesterday was a pretty mellow day. It started at 8 when our tent got to hot. We put a naked Isaac outside to pee – sorry to all those around, he soaked all the clothes and blankets we had in the tent and he had to pee.

We did some quick geocaching so we could get our Utah badge. Unfortunately we let Isaac drink an entire box of milk and didn’t believe him when he said he needed to go potty because he’d just gone. About ten minutes later, as we were driving at 80MPH, Isaac was urgent that he needed to pee. The look he gave me made me realize he couldn’t hold it at all. Zach pulled to the aide as quickly as possible, but it wasn’t quite quick enough. Isaac leaked enough to get on his seat, but not enough for a huge puddle to soak the seat. I opened my door and put him on the floor so he could pee out the door-gotta love having a little boy! We had many more of these quick stops through put the day, but no more accidents.

We stopped in Boise for a late lunch at Pita Pit and some playground time. Then we continued on to our camping stop in northeastern Oregon. Isaac and I slept along this part of the trip

We arrived early enough to set our tent up in day light. We decided to leave the fly off (after consulting the weather) so we could see the stars. When it got dark it got really cold, so we piled on blankets and decided Isaac could sleep with us. Soon enough we were all out.


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