2011 Road Trip – Day 2

Yesterday was a great day…but so long!

The night before we got to my aunt and uncle’s house. They let us stay in their basement. We pit Isaac’s sleeping bag on the floor and he had no problem going and sleeping on it when he was ready to sleep. About 6 Isaac woke up and wanted in bed with us. I took him to the bathroom and then he snuggled with us for a few hours.

We got on the road and headed to Salt Lake (about 1.5 hour drive) for a family picnic in the park. Most of my mom’s family lives in SLC. It was organized at this big park with a covered shelter with lots of tables and several play grounds, one of which was like a little old west city. It was hard to keep track of Isaac in the one.

I had made strawberry lemonade cake pops to share and they were a big hit. Thankgoodness…I was a bit worried when no one wanted to try them because they didn’t know what they were. Silly people.

Isaac was a bit tired at the park since we had to wake him up to go, so he was a little grumpy and hard to deal with but it was still good to see everyone.

After the park we headed to Tracy Aviary. My cousin works in the bird show and I’ve always wanted to see the show. She puts a lot of effort in to training and writing the show. We were a little early and Isaac had fallen asleep in the car so we let him sleep for about 20 minutes.

We got in and Steph had worked it out for us to feed the pelicans, and later the conures, but first Zach got to hold a toucan, Inca, who even smiled for pictures. She was quite cute and Isaac had a huge grin.

A few minutes later we were given dishes of whole fish to toss to the pelicans. Isaac whacked Zach in the head and isn’t quite as food at throwing a slimy fish as he is at throwing a ball.

We then wandered around the aviary for a while, running into my cousin again who was out with a turkey vulture. Isaac ran eight up to her, I think he wanted to give her a hug! She was pretty sweet and kept sunning herself with her wings open.

Then we moved on to feeding the conures. In Denver you can feed them to, but you just get a cup of sugar water and are only supposed to feed the ones in the tree. Here we were given apples to hold out and the birds would swoop down to eat. I think we all had four or more on us at one time. Isaac wasn’t scared, it was all quiet fascination. He even got to feed some seed.

Then it was time for the bird show. Isaac was hot, tired and thirsty by this point so it was a bit of a challenge to keep him sitting and now screaming, bit the show helped. The birds flew often and are so amazingly trained. Zach got to volunteer and have a red-tailed hawk land on his arm several times. And after the show we walked up to talk and Isaac got to play with a well trained, loud crow. We were going to get to see more birds from the show, but it was starting to storm.

We headed out to my cousin’s cousins house for dinner and to let the kids play. She has a four year old and a dive month old. Isaac and her dour year old hit it off better than I have ever seen him hit it off with anyone. They played trains forever, had conversations, played in water, chased each other with water guns, laughed and gave each other hugs. And all this allowed me to cuddle with a cute five month old and just enjoy spending time with my cousin and her husband. Nothing warms a Mom’s heart like observing her kid have a great time.

We were only in the car, on our way to our final destination of the day, for five minutes when Isaac feel asleep. I tried to wake him up so he’d sleep at night, but he was having none of that, so he was still asleep when we arrived at our camp site. It was almost dark, so we got straight to work on the tent. We got it all setup and Zach went to check on Isaac. He was awake and told Zach he cried “because you didn’t get me.”. How sad! But then he was awake and so excited about the tent. He ran round and round, but when it was time to go to sleep he went right over and cuddled in his sleeping bag…until he had his first accident of our trip in the middle of the night. He then slept naked between Zach and I for the rest of the night.


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