I’ve been wanting to listen to the Bible while walking or in the car.  My dad always had Bible tapes and we listened to them all the time as I was growing up.  Anyway, the other day I took the leap and ordered some CDs online from Amazon.

Later that same day, Zach decided to use some of his grad money to by some wireless headphones.  Now that he is done with school, he likes to play video games at night or watch TV in bed.  It’s been an on going battle.  I sleep right through it for hours, until I start dreaming about the sounds and wake up and then can’t get back to sleep….but this literally takes hours, and sometimes I never wake up.  The sounds is what gets me, so he figures headphones would solve the problem.  Again, we ordered from Amazon.

It all was scheduled to arrive on the same day, yesterday.  And yesterday, Zach headphones arrived, but no Bible.  No Bible today.  I finally decided to check in on it.  This morning it was in Kentucky….yep same place it started in three days ago.  Guess it accidentally went to Pennsylvania.   Crazy, in all the years I’ve been ordering from Amazon and sometimes weekly, this is the first time I’ve had a package get “lost,” and it’s not really even lost, just got on the wrong truck.

It amazes be how impatient I can be.  It’s probably why I haven’t lost this last 10 pounds.  Sometimes it’s good to be patient and just wait.  Good things happen for those who wait, right?


Do you ever write a post not really know where it is going, only to find at the end you’ve gone some where you never expected and calmed your own fears?  Maybe even in a round about way?


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