New Contact

The last two weeks have been filled with appointments.  On top of my chiropractor appointments, I decided I needed to do my annuals (although I still haven’t gotten around to the whole dentist thing).  So last week I went to the eye doctor.

I have great vision insurance.  They pay for new frames and lenses every year or you can use a certain dollar amount towards contacts, although, I will always use it towards a pair of eyewear because I love my glasses that much.  This year, I decided that I wanted to try contacts as well, just pay out of pocket.

My appointment was late in the day and I had to take Isaac with me.  He was his typical investigative self, but he was sooo good.  We had to wait in the waiting area for about twenty minutes and he just climbed on all the chairs, then when they took me back to the first area to look at my eyes, he climbed up in a waiting chair and patiently waited, of course, asking questions along the way.  In the room, he watched the nurse, continued to ask questions then walked around the room asking me what everything was as we waited for the doctor (another 20 minutes) and of course, I didn’t know what anything was!  When the doctor finally came in she commented on how good Isaac was and he said, “Yep.”  She was nice to him, so he was content to still be a good boy and watch and ask questions.

Finally, I had to decide if I was going to go with contacts or not.  I wore contacts for about four to six months the year we got married, but I went on my honeymoon and returned to dry, dry Colorado and never wore them again.  Plus, I always had a heck of a time getting them in and out, it just didn’t seem worth it.

But….I HATE the rain in my glasses, because I get spots.  I HATE my dogs getting in my face because they manage to get their noses on my glasses and give me smudges.  I HATE goofying off with Isaac because he touches my glasses and gives me greasy spots.  This last one, is enough reason to give contacts one more try.

They brought me the contacts and let me put them in while one of the assistants engaged Isaac (he was started to get a little bored.)  I managed to get both contacts in on the first try (that has never happened before) and they felt great and I could see.  Because I have to wear Torics, sometimes it’s a challenge to find the right combination.

We did try on some glasses, during which, Isaac told me several times he needed to go potty, so we finally rushed to the bathroom…yay, no accident.  But they were trying to close and Isaac was bouncing around, so it was hard for me to focus.   I put a few frames on hold and we left.

Let me tell you….these contacts are amazing.  I’ve accidently worn them longer than I’m supposed to each night.  They are just so comfortable that I forget I have them in.  My only issue is that I think one of my eyes, has the wrong weight in it.  I don’t notice it in distance (unless I’m looking at letters), but I have to constantly turn the contact to read…not very good for what I do everyday.  I’m hoping we can get that fixed when I go for my follow up next week, until then I probably won’t wear them to work or I wouldn’t get anything done.

The best thing about the contacts.  Last night Isaac and I were messing around.  He was climbing all over me.  Kissing me nose, eyes, arms, etc. and not once did I get hurt because my glasses were shoved into my face and not once did I get smudges on my glasses.  It was actually fun and enjoyable.  I didn’t waste precious time avoiding contact.  What a blessing!



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