Adventures in…being a parent

I know by writing this post I’m probably jinxing us, but it’s been such a great two days I feel I need to celebrate and jot it down for those times when things are not so great.

First, let me tell you the last few weeks have been painful.  Isaac has turned into a two year old who knows what he wants and will make it known when he doesn’t get it (read: big tantrum thrower).  We don’t “reward” his horrible behavior, but we it has put us on edge and me especially since I’m home with him all the time and we can’t always go outside and naps are sometimes needed.  He has also taken to saying he doesn’t want everything, especially after he says he is hungry, just for me to settle into work and then he wants something I just offered him.  Talk about frustrating.  And then there is the potty learning.  He knows when he needs to go, but just doesn’t care to tell us….especially with number 2, which just makes more work for everyone.

Well, the last three days I’ve had a perfect little boy.  He has been sooo polite.  He says, “Can I please ….?” for almost everything.  He has calmly played with his cars and sea creatures for long periods of time.  He eaten his meals.  He has not had one accident since his Tuesday morning overnight diaper.  He has picked up his messes, including getting towels to clean off dogs (okay, so he hasn’t been “perfect.”  He did “wash” the dogs with lotion one day and apple sauce another.)  He has slept all night in his bed and even put himself down for nap today!

What can I attribute all this to?

  1. A lot of prayer.
  2. He is in a “good” boy stage.
  3. He has finally learned that talking to us nice gets better results than throwing a fit.
  4. We moved his bed and he is sleeping better, monsters have only been mentioned once.
  5. We threaten (and follow through) to wipe him “like a baby” if he poops in his pants.  Which means we lay him on his back and he HATES this.
  6. We have made a big effort to not always say “no,” unless it is really something bad.  If he wants to brush his teeth and I don’t really feel like it, but nothing else is stopping us, then he gets to brush his teeth.
  7. When he is bored he acts out more.  So more walks, more outside time, more coloring, more talking, more puzzles, new toys (just rotating the ones from upstairs) and letting him “help” when at all possible.
  8. We got a sticker chart for pottying.  He gets one sticker for pee and two for poop.  He LOVES the stickers – who knew?  He hates stickers any other time, so I don’t know why it is working, but really he hasn’t had an accident since we showed him what it was all about and that is saying something.  He gets a treat when he gets it all full, but we still don’t know what that it – maybe an Otter Pop or something. 🙂


He is becoming more independent which is a bit scary.  Let me tell you a little about our day.  Isaac woke up and I was working.  He came downstairs, said “Good Morning Mama,” and went into the kitchen.  I finished up what I was doing and came upstairs to get him cereal (pretty much the only thing he’ll eat in the morning) and he had gotten the milk out of the fridge, taken the lid off and was standing on a chair at the table about to pour milk into an old cup from yesterday.  I somehow kept myself from panicking and asked him if I could get him a clean cup, he agreed and waited.  When I got the new cup, he poured himself a half of cup, put the lid back on the milk, climbed off his chair and put the milk back in the fridge, went back to the table, took one sip of milk and said he needed to go potty.  We went up stairs, took his diaper off and it wasn’t wet.  He peed and peed and peed, got a sticker and then got new undies.  We got him dressed and he returned to the table to finish his milk and pour himself another half cup to drink.

I had to go to the chiropractor and they are kind enough to let Isaac hang out at the front desk while I get adjusted.  He walked right in, ran around the desk and right into the arms of one of the ladies.  Later, when I returned he had the attention of everyone in the wait area, he was coloring and talking and making everyone laugh.

We returned home to eat lunch and then Isaac wandered upstairs.  After a few minutes of quietness went by I decided I should go check on him.  You know the saying, “If it’s quiet they are getting into something.”  I got to the top of the stairs and saw the bathroom door was shut, I panicked, rushed down the hall and opened the door – light was off, no Isaac.  All other doors were closed except for his room.  I expected to find him playing with his toys, but instead, he was in bed, under his covers, all snuggled in with his thumb in his mouth.  I asked him if he was tired, “Yeah, I went to bed all by myself.”  I gave him a kiss and he pulled me down to a hug.

How can you not love being a parent?  I might not have a teaching job, but I am a teacher.  Every day I’m teaching this kid and if we stay involved, he’ll learn more from us then he learns in school.  And as an added bonus, I get to learn along the way too.


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