Sometimes I want to jump into someone else’s head. See how they think and reason. What do I sound or seem like to them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how others perceive me and how what they say to my face can be and sometimes is far different than what is in their head.

Several weeks ago I had someone say they would write me a letter of recommendations and yet they never did and never responded to my many “are you still doing this?” requests. I understand that it was bad timing and they can be a challenge to write, but I would have really liked some honesty. A, “no I don’t really feel like I could do you justice eight now,” would have been sufficient.

Since then and through this whole job search I’ve been thinking about how we as people interact and perceive each other. Rarely do we surround ourselves with people who don’t believe in us. For example, I believe my husband is good at his job and I generally take his side of things if it domes up, but is his always in the right? Does he really do a good job. I’m sure there are people who are fired from jobs who still believe they were doing a good job. Do we just have super-sized egos? Believing we are always right and can do no wrong?

But then there are the people who are not honest and straightforward. These people seem to be in high numbers. You know, the ones who say you are great and then behind your back can’t say one nice thing. You know the ones who say they are your friends, but are never around to return your call.

I think it’s too easy in our society to fall into being “nice” about things instead of having integrity and being honest. I don’t even know been honest is really a desired characteristic today, but I believe it should be Nd as such I will try to live every day with integrity.


2 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. If you ever want a 100% honest answer to any question, you know how to get a hold of me. 🙂

    Just remember, don’t ask questions you don’t really want the answer to.

  2. I think you are right Jenn…about honesty being hard to come by, but let’s be honest…lol. Sometimes honesty = rude. Funny thing is I have been thinking about that I lot too, just wondering if it is worth being all nicey, nice and maybe I should just be strait forward…but I don’t want to come across as a “you know what”. So who knows what is the better characteristic 😉

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