SFG Update #2

I haven’t updated in a few weeks and my goal is really to update weekly, so I thought I’d touch base on this before a whole other week goes by.

We’ve been having a bunny problem.  They ate all my broccoli and califlower….so we’ve had to put up some barriers.  Other than that, everything is growing and doing well.

We added in some blueberries, blackberries and lavendar this week, as well has putting wood chips down around the two 4x4s.  It really made the area look nice.  We are going to add more wood chips under and around the hammock, but we ran out of chips and time.

Over in our trellis area, we took down the white lattice and put up some nylon netting.  The peas especially needed this.  In the three days since they are already climbing!  It really opens up our deck/porch space having the lattice gone.  We had to do some goofy manuvering to keep the dogs from getting in the grass area, but it seems to be working for now.

We’ve also been spending the late evening water the garden as a family…well, Zach and Isaac water, I generally sit in the hammock and read or play a game. 🙂



One thought on “SFG Update #2

  1. Wow! It looks amazing!!

    Note: Do yo have one blueberry bush?…if so make sure it is self-pollinating, otherwise you need to get another bush in the same High bush or Rabbiteye “type”.,,,it can be a different variety though, just same family. You probably remember my situation with my bushes, but I thought I would still give you a heads up.

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