Trying Something New

I went to the chiropractor for the first time in my life yesterday.  I’ve had this crazy intense pain in my very lower back (almost butt) area since Isaac was born.  It wakes me up at night and after two and a half years I’d had enough.   And silly, since my insurance will cover it.  Part of my problem includes when I’m sitting having trouble straightening out to standing position, and yes, I’m only 30, not 60!

Anyway, I went in.  I got examed.  I got x-rayed.  I got pushed, beat on and iced.  Doctor said it’s a three week period before I start to really feel better.  But today I do feel better.  I didn’t wake in pain.  I didn’t have any problems standing up today.   I have a bit of pain today, but it is not the same.  I’m guess it is from all the moving around that took place.

She also worked on my neck, which was killing me when I went in and perfect when I walked out.  And my head for my headaches.  Gotta say…it was pretty easy.  I hope it really does work out for me long term.  It would be nice not to feel so much older than I am.

***Funny story…Zach stayed home with a sleeping Isaac.  When he woke up he asked if I was hiking, since that is where I was last time I disappeared.  Even when I came home he asked if I was hiking.  Silly boy.  I love how well he communicates and his little thoughts and the things he remembers. ***


2 thoughts on “Trying Something New

  1. I’m glad to hear that the chiropractor worked for you…if it works for the long term than that would be a great

  2. Hey Jenn!
    FYI -Some adjustments I go to I feel tons better right away; some I feel worse for a day and then everything clears up. I guess that’s because some of your bones are used to being in a certain place and rebel a little when they get moved to the right place. Also, even when I feel better if I ice right after adjustment I always recover faster. Hope these tips help.

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