Kids and Life

Do other people love their kids as much as I do?  Or is it that my entire life surrounds this kid and therefore that is all I talk about?  A lot of my blog post surround Isaac, which is okay by me, since this is supposed to be something that I (and my kids) can look back on.  I really wouldn’t want my kid to think he wasn’t apart of my life.

I’ve just been thinking about people I know.  So many I know have kids, but I never hear or see anything about them.  Maybe it’s a privacy issue, but I think it’s more because I’m literally around Isaac more than I’m around anyone else.  I could write about and talk about my dogs all the time, but in all honesty, they are pretty boring.

I spent last Sunday away from home.  Zach stayed home with Isaac.  It was a long 10 hours aways from my boys and especially Isaac.  There was only one other time that I can remember being away from both Isaac and Zach for longer than six hours.  That was for work when Isaac was maybe five months old.  So for two years I’ve only been gone from both of them for maybe an hour and from Isaac in generally a max of four hours.  Sunday was hard on me, but….

It was so cute to call them on my way home and listen to Isaac’s little voice tell me all about his day.  His voice on the phone is so darn cute!  Although, it was hard to decipher exactly what took place since he still leaves out a lot of details.  Normally I’m around him, so I naturally fill in the details and know what he is saying.

I’ve noticed lately, that it doesn’t bother Zach being away from us.  He goes off to see people and do things. He says he’ll be fast and generally gives a timeframe that I already thing is too long.  Then he doesn’t make that timeframe and calls me later, on his way home, to apoligize.  I give him a hard time, but can I really fault him for enjoying his life outside our house?

When I used to work in an office, I’d chit-chat and hangout and lose track of time.  I’d be an hour or more late leaving, just because I got into a conversation.  Of course, Zach got off about two hours after me, so sometime I was just killing time so I wouldn’t be home alone.

Maybe that is why people don’t discuss their kids…they don’t aren’t a priority, other things take up more of their time…that is all fine, as long as they don’t complain about me liking my kids and enjoying spending time with him and talking about him all the time. 🙂

I know I missed blogging a few times this week.  I was working on updating my Project 365 (follow the links on the right), I should be back on track this week.


2 thoughts on “Kids and Life

    • My guess is it’ll be hard, but not impossible and not really a bad thing for either one of us and I’d guess that doing it more makes it easier. Part of my problem is I’m NEVER away from him.

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