Trying My Patience

I love my kid, but today I’d like to sell him, or at least have a break for several long hours.  Today has been filled with meltdowns, injuries, whining, stubbornness, disobedience and just plain ol’ trouble.  I’m soooo ready for him to go to bed and yet, we are still a few hours away!  Zach’s ready too and he has only spent the last five hours with Isaac.

A perfect example of how the day has gone.  Zach needs to go get ice, Isaac wants to go.  In order to go he needs undies, pants, and shoes.  Isaac keeps saying he needs pants, but will NOT get them.  Instead he gets distracted, so Zach goes to leave.  Isaac realizes this and chases after throwing a fit only to bonk his head on the hand rail and start screaming in pain.  A few seconds later we ask him to go get his pants, so he S-L-O-W-L-Y goes to his room, starts playing with his building things.  After much reminding he finally gets his pants, only for them to be swim shorts.  Meanwhile, he has been whining the whole time.

Seriously, he better be a better kid tomorrow or we might have to ship him out to Virginia to visit Aunt Stacy.



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