Little Things Isaac Says

Isaac was full of cuteness today, so I feel like I need to get it down before I forget.

He is such a little, fun, independent guy.  I love listening to him tell Daddy all about his day.  Daddy doesn’t always understand because words will be missing or mixed up, but since I spend the day with him, I get it.

Today he got a postcard from DeDe.  I read it to him several times, but needed to get back to work.  So he started reading to himself.  He got the whole story mixed up, but he had all the main ideas.

Here are a few cute sayings from today, as best I can remember them:

“Thank you Mommy.  I really ‘ppreciate that Mommy.”

“Don’t cry.  It’s okay.” – to Guinness as he whined at the door. Hours later he blurred out “I told Guinness not to cry.”

“There was lot of kid helping me.  I did it all by myself.”

“I do it all by myself…Mommy follow.”


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